Off to new shores

Benvenuti, Hollaroh and Welcome everyone!

One year ago, on the 5th September 2012, I started my Italian Adventure. I spent 10 months studying in Milano and for the sake of not leaving the country I utterly fell in love with, I added 2 more months of travelling around with a cinema festival, attempting to see every corner of this beautiful country and shooting lots of movies. Not only I totally fell for cappucchino and cornetto, big gestures, “tutto con calma” and aperitivo – I met some of the most amazing people ever! ❤ But apart from all the great experiences I made, I cought the travel bug!

Aber alles hat ein Ende, nur die Wurst hat zwei,
and therefore: The show must go on!

And while I was still on the road, I found my next big opportunity. My lovely little sister Kathi moved to England in mid-august and so I decided: Prossima Fermata/Next Stop: London!

After returning from my Italian year and cinematic summer, I spent exactly 10 days at home, unpacking the boxes from Milano and packing my bags for London.
Kathi came home over the weekend to attend my uni graduation party and to spend some time with her oh-so-missed boyfriend.

And finally,on the 22nd September, first day of autum, we took the plane together to LONDON. (I’m glad I had someone to help me with all my bags! )

Off to new shores!




 XX, Angie

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