Beware of the candles!

Sooo, what’s the first thing to do after you moved to a new place? … Right! IKEA! (No, not search for work or get your paperwork organized. pfff…)

Of course even in London several of the big Swedish furniture stores exist. And of course once inside of them you totally forget that you are in a foreign country now, because it just looks all the same and sooo familiar. Ha! But only on the surface! You thought Ikeas are all the same? There are national differences, only a trained eye can spy:

  • First there’s the food! Apart form the infamous Kötbullar here they offer Fish’n’Chips (obvious!) and English breakfast, including sausages and mashed potatoes – all day long.
  • Secondly I have to mention the left-right, right-left confusion I created on the stairs, being totally carried away and forgetting about left-walking people …
  • Lastly, and that’s a big PLUS I have to admit for Ikea in London: People are actually queuing! Amazing!

Anyways, we managed to survive Swedish-English (Swinglish??) dinner and didn’t get run over neither by a shopping trolly, nor the usual crying child tyrannising the whole family about the toy it didn’t get.
And in the end the hardest part of the whole trip wasn’t to collect all the pieces of furniture in the self-service-pick-up-aisles, or to get the whole shopping home – the hardest part was to resist all the lovely, colourful and useless candles, baking dishes, fairy lights and cushions! Who would have thought…

After spending our evening with the worlds biggest provider of meatballs, cranberry jam and Billy, we triumphantly (?) returned home with 4 shelves, 3 pots, 1 pan, a (hopefully) useful thingy to organize the closet, a toilet brush, a nigh light, 2 big and several small candles (cinnamon and apple flavour), a trash bin, some boxes, a make-up mirror, baking bowls and 2 lovely tea cups we just couldn’t resist.

beware of the candles

XX, Angie


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