BA / Birthday Bash

Hollaroh everyone!

It’s raining cats and dogs right now. As our room is right under the roof it’s like having a personal raindrops-and-wind-concert. I like it. I’m having a lovely cup of tea right now and decided to give you guys a brief update, as I don’t really feel motivated enough to do anything else 😛

As you might know, I have been home in Austria for a few days to settle things with my university in Salzburg. The thing is: we Austrians looove bureaucracy. So why waste the chance to involve half the campus and at least 5 different offices in handing-out a simple certificate? Right! Let’s share the fun and make the students waste their time running from one secretary to another coordinator to the next chairman… Amazing.

Do you know Asterix and Obelix? That’s how I feel right now…

Passierschein A38

Ma boh! I strongly believe that eventually I’ll get some kind of paper that officially states that I’m a BA – otherwise I’ll just ask my little cousin to draw some certificate for me – she is very gifted and her drawings are lovely, pink and full of glitter and probably there would be a unicorn around somewhere, but I like unicorns.

BirthdayCollageWe came back to London on my birthday. Right when I entered the house I already found a parcel on the stairs, sent from Malaga. It contained a wonderful and super creative birthday surprise 🙂 *thank youuu* And when I was just about to jump into the shower the doorbell rang and I had to run downstairs, only wrapped in my towel. Guess what! – for the first time in my life I got flowers sent with a courier! How fancy! *big kiss for my lovely Mama*
You know guys, that I’m not a very committed person when it comes to social networks. I’m not that type who spends hours and hours online and writes to everyone about everything. I think I might be a little old fashioned… But anyways, my point is, that I want you to know how happy it made my though to see how many people wrote to me and thought of me. I’d love to hug you all ❤

I spent my birthday with my sister and my Mr. Man. We had some super tasty chocolate and cheese cake and in the evening we went out for dinner. Nothing fancy, but I enjoyed it a lot, spending that day with the people I love ❤MuMsCollageII

Aaand we went to M&M’s world. *rainbowpuke* omg, can I have my room decorated like this?? I loooved it! Colours everywhere! And M&Ms in all the colours of the rainbow and even more! I have to admit that I might went a little crazy and jumped around happily and created a shiny-happy-chocolate mixture 🙂 But, but, but… M&Ms!!! 😀

XX, Angie

Ein Zwischenbericht – Just a brief update

The second week is almost over, and we are still doing well. Kathi is going to work every day and I feel a little like her loving wife, as while she’s out I’m doing the shopping, keep decorating the room and when she comes home in the evening I prepare some dinner.  🙂 But don’t get me wrong guys, I like pampering my lovely little sister – I missed her sooo much!

Collage II

Of course we spent the weekend sightseeing! Kathi took me to Oxford Street and showed me the coolest shops, and then we went trough Regent Street to Piccadilly Circus, West End and Covent Garden. The next day we had Fish ’n’ Chips and took the obligatory tourist picture in front of Tower Bridge.

Ok, now let’s get a deeper insight to what I just declared “the coolest shops”. Because at least from our point of view, sightseeing in London simply has to include some shopping (plus: watch out, we’ve got a fashion-graduate here!) So she took me into here, around the corner there and upstairs elsewhere. And now I have the bad feeling, that I urgently have to update my closet – because unfortunately all my super-handy either crinkle-free or if-crinkled-doesn’t-matter clothes who accompanied me on my backpacking summer somehow do not really fit into the London Big City Vibe… And stay tuned, because I’m certainly gonna write an own post about this, but the London people don’t seem to suffer from cold! On the streets as well as in Collage Ithe shop windows, transparent blouses, crop tops and sandals are omnipresent. Jackets? Socks? Pfff, overrated! :O Hey, I’m gonna tell you a secret: Winter is coming! So put on your scarves and cover your belly buttons! I bet grandmas all over the country are not amused, when their little girls freeze their kidneys to death. Communque. Anyways.

So to sum it up: Nice shops! A lot of fashion is going on out there! But it seems I still have some work to do to befriend the super trendy Brit Chic.

But we haven’t only been to clothing shops, oh no! The nicest shop by far, is, omg, HMV! Book, Music, Movies and everything you don’t need!   *.* I cant wait for Christmas shopping this year!!

And yes, Guilty! Today I’ve been back there and I just saw too many things for too many people. Because due to certain coincidences some of my friends like the same things as me (strage, huh?) and so I spent hours in there – it was raining anyway, so no need to say I should better spend my time in the fresh air getting some sun – rummaging, choosing, picking. I guess I just got my first Christmas presents!


XX, Angie

My first Blog-Post :)

Hey Ihr Lieben,

bin jetzt genau fünf Wochen in London und arbeite schon fleißig ein ganzes Monat bei Gino Cerruti als Assistant Designer.
Leider darf ich erst nach und nach mit dem Designer einer eigenen Brautmodenkollektion für Übergrößen beginnen. Vorher sollte ich langsam das Unternehmen und die Kunden kennen lernen. Ganz brav habe ich alle deutschsprachigen Kunden, und das sind ganz schön viele, telefonisch kontaktiert und mich vorgestellt. Danach habe ich Postkarten und Briefe an alle geschickt, fein säuberlich mit Adresse und Briefmarken versehen….Ufff
Bereits an meinem ersten Arbeits-Wochenende war ich Teil der Hochzeitsmesse in Harrogate. Und gleich die Woche danach war der große Fotoshooting für unseren neuen Katalog.

Überstanden habe ich meine ersten Wochen in der großen Stadt nur durch die wahnsinns Unterstützung der lieben Kim. Danke Kim!!
Ich war sicher nicht immer leicht auszuhalten, schon gar nicht wenn ich hungrig war. Aber ich behaupte mal wir hatten eine schöne Zeit 😉
In der ersten Woche stand neben Shoppen natürlich auch Sightseeing am Programm. Tierpark, Towerbridge, London-Eye, Big Ben,… Eigentlich war die Woche viel zu kurz.

Nach einem ganzen Monat kann ich sagen, dass ich mein Praktikum wirklich interessant finde, da ich wirklich alles lerne, Marketing, Design, Produktion.
Aber ich freue mich auch immer auf die Zeit zu Hause und meinen Freund ❤


Hey guys,

I’m now here in London for exactly five weeks and I’ve been working for four weeks as Assistant Designer at Gino Cerruti’s.
Unfortunately, before I’m allowed to start designing my first bridal collection for over sizes, I have to get to now the company.
So I started to call all our German and Austrian customers to introduce myself. Afterwards I sent them a self-designed postcard and a letter, every single one of these I had to put the address and the stamp on…and we’ve got a lot of German speaking customers…Ufffff
On my first weekend working at Cerruti’s, I was part of the bridal exhibition fair in Harrogate, a lovely little town in the north of England. (near Nottingham were Robin Hood lived). The week after the trade show we had a big fotoshoot for our next catalogue.

I only survived the first weeks in London because of the support of my lovely friend Kim. Thank’s Kim!
I’m sure it was not always easy handling me, but I’m sure we had a pretty lovely time.
Of course we went shopping in our first week to get the look of British girls, but these look is often quiet wiered we noticed 😀

After one moth of working in London, I can say I really enjoy the internship because I learn a lot of Marketing, Design and Production. But I always be happy to get home to my boyfriend ❤