BA / Birthday Bash

Hollaroh everyone!

It’s raining cats and dogs right now. As our room is right under the roof it’s like having a personal raindrops-and-wind-concert. I like it. I’m having a lovely cup of tea right now and decided to give you guys a brief update, as I don’t really feel motivated enough to do anything else 😛

As you might know, I have been home in Austria for a few days to settle things with my university in Salzburg. The thing is: we Austrians looove bureaucracy. So why waste the chance to involve half the campus and at least 5 different offices in handing-out a simple certificate? Right! Let’s share the fun and make the students waste their time running from one secretary to another coordinator to the next chairman… Amazing.

Do you know Asterix and Obelix? That’s how I feel right now…

Passierschein A38

Ma boh! I strongly believe that eventually I’ll get some kind of paper that officially states that I’m a BA – otherwise I’ll just ask my little cousin to draw some certificate for me – she is very gifted and her drawings are lovely, pink and full of glitter and probably there would be a unicorn around somewhere, but I like unicorns.

BirthdayCollageWe came back to London on my birthday. Right when I entered the house I already found a parcel on the stairs, sent from Malaga. It contained a wonderful and super creative birthday surprise 🙂 *thank youuu* And when I was just about to jump into the shower the doorbell rang and I had to run downstairs, only wrapped in my towel. Guess what! – for the first time in my life I got flowers sent with a courier! How fancy! *big kiss for my lovely Mama*
You know guys, that I’m not a very committed person when it comes to social networks. I’m not that type who spends hours and hours online and writes to everyone about everything. I think I might be a little old fashioned… But anyways, my point is, that I want you to know how happy it made my though to see how many people wrote to me and thought of me. I’d love to hug you all ❤

I spent my birthday with my sister and my Mr. Man. We had some super tasty chocolate and cheese cake and in the evening we went out for dinner. Nothing fancy, but I enjoyed it a lot, spending that day with the people I love ❤MuMsCollageII

Aaand we went to M&M’s world. *rainbowpuke* omg, can I have my room decorated like this?? I loooved it! Colours everywhere! And M&Ms in all the colours of the rainbow and even more! I have to admit that I might went a little crazy and jumped around happily and created a shiny-happy-chocolate mixture 🙂 But, but, but… M&Ms!!! 😀

XX, Angie


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