Queens Park

I’ve been to Queens Park!

Yes, we live in Queens Park, so it might not really surprise you. But the area is named after an actual Park! Surprise, surprise! 🙂 And I know it’s embarrassing, and I almost don’t dare to admit it – but in the two months living in Queens Park, I’ve never been to the Queens Park. Uff, confession made. I hope you still love me though 😉

OkQueensPark Collage but my point is, I’ve finally been there! Last Monday the sun was giving a sign of life and so Mr Man and I decided to go for an adventure in the afternoon. Mission: Find Queens Park. The namely place was actually not that well hidden and our mission soon was completed. So we had a lovely walk in a lovely park. Although the temperatures suggest that it’s already winter, it still smelled like autumn. We walked on a path through the trees and I jumped in leave piles – it’s kind of easy to make me happy ❤

On our walk we were accompanied by motivated joggers who braved the cold, had to give way to herds of mums with strollers and toddlers, spotted suuper fat squirrels who are the living proof that people do not respect the “please don’t feed the squirrels”-signs, and we got acquainted with Milo the grumpy goat, which we found in the pet section along with chickens and ducks. Like King Mufasa he sat on his wood stack a.k.a. Pride Pile and overlooked the events.

I’m sure I had the best company of all, because it held my hands warm and we had a hot tea to warm us up after our almost-Sunday-adventure was completed. 🙂

XX, Angie



Christmas is all around us – already?!

Ok, the headline might not be as shocking as I intended it to be, considering that it is already late November. But I have to mention that I planned to inform you about those circumstances about two weeks ago (but a little busyness and other events made me delay my intent …)

Halloween is over – it’s Christmas! Shops, Streets and even private houses seem to suffer from seasonal changing. People start to put up Christmas lights and decorations such as smiling Santas and fake snow.



Ok, let’s get to the point. We heard THE FIRST CRISTMASSONG on radio! :O To be precise it was John Lennon’s “Happy Xmas – war is over” and to be even more precise it stuck in my head for at least two days afterwards.
And so it may happen to you! Enjoy! 😛


IMAG0756The incident we are talking about, happened on the morning of the 12th of November, as two young and healthy kinds (yes, it’s us) were just entering a coffee shop and about to get a hot chocolate in order to sweeten their way to work. The friendly barista was to take their order, but they couldn’t focus. Alluring melodies, sweet jingles and prospering lyrics found the way into their heads and eventually made the two innocent girls buy (the more expensive) Christmas-flavoured drinks. – For all those who are wondering now: Christmas-flavour doesn’t mean snow and Tannenbaum, but actually tastes more like orange, super spicy gingerbread and (yes it’s true) Black Forest!


So may I quote another lovely shopkeeper: “It’s never too early for Chrismas, unless it’s January.” Well, so long my dears: Merry IdontcareitsnotChristmasuntilDecember!

XX, Angie

“I think one day we’ll skip the sightseeing and I’ll clean a little…”

*** Dear reader, I actually was supposed to be posted on Sunday, 3rd of November, but bad internet connection and maybe a liiittle bit of busyness made it impossible for my caretaker Angie to upload me earlier. Please excuse. And now have fun reading. Sincerely, the blog post ***



*yay* first visit!!

Over the last weekend (it was a long one, in Austria Thursday and Friday were off) Mum came to visit us in London!! 😀

On the first two days I was in charge of the tourism-program, as Kathi was at work the whole day. She then joined us for the evening-pleasure, such as having a lovely dinner or going to the theatre. Mum and me hit Oxford Street and went down to see Piccadilly, we got M&Ms in all colours of the rainbow as she promised the children in her class to bring them some and on Friday we went to Camden Market and even experienced a little bit of the infamous London rain/fog combination 😉

One of our highlights were definitely the musicals we saw! We went to see The Lion King first, pretty unexpected actually. We were walking peacefully on Leicester Square as these Box Office Tickets hit us… So we gave Kathi a call and she came to town straight after work. The show was amazing, I’m pretty sure you guys have seen images of those impressive costumes they have. There was even a huuge elephant on stage! Of course the songs were just amazingly sung and it was all striking. But after all I have to say, that I believe the show really lives on that extravagant costumes. Maybe I just can say that because right on the next day, we saw Rock of Ages – and that is like a different league. This time it was all planned. Kathi and I were looking forward to this evening since we came to London basically. In the tube and everywhere we saw the posters, saying: Must end on 2nd November – We simply had to catch it. And even mum was really eager to see it, as she is a big fan of the music 🙂

Well, it might not be one of the most “profound” musical ever; in fact the storyline is pretty simple: Boy and Girl fall in love, some confusion and in the end everything is good. – But the Soundtrack is smashing! All the amazing Rock Songs of the 80s are mixed up and more or less the story is constructed around it 🙂
But, hey! You cannot go for Shakespeare every day and sometimes a good dose of cheesiness and Rock’n’Roll is all you need! So this time it didn’t really feel like a musical, it was more like a Rock concert, the audience was up for it, singing along and also the actors obviously enjoyed it!

On Saturday, mums last day in London, we went for proper sightseeing. And with proper, I mean like all at once: Start again at Piccadilly, down to St. James’s Park, wave at the queens home in distance (Buckingham Palace,), on to the Horse Guards, next Stop Downing street, then to Westminster and Big Ben and finally the London Eye. Being good tourists we even went for a ride – and omg, the view is beautiful. We came just in time to see London at nightfall and it was absolutely enchanting. The sky was not black yet, but during our ride changed its colour form almost light blue to a dark velvet blue. All the city lights seemed to form a sea of light beneath us and in the middle the Thames lied like a dark ribbon, holding the composition together.
We finished the day with a nice walk down Embankment and taking some touristic pictures at Tower Bridge.


On Sunday it was time for Good-bye again. It was a gorgeous weekend!

Thank you mum! XXX