Christmas is all around us – already?!

Ok, the headline might not be as shocking as I intended it to be, considering that it is already late November. But I have to mention that I planned to inform you about those circumstances about two weeks ago (but a little busyness and other events made me delay my intent …)

Halloween is over – it’s Christmas! Shops, Streets and even private houses seem to suffer from seasonal changing. People start to put up Christmas lights and decorations such as smiling Santas and fake snow.



Ok, let’s get to the point. We heard THE FIRST CRISTMASSONG on radio! :O To be precise it was John Lennon’s “Happy Xmas – war is over” and to be even more precise it stuck in my head for at least two days afterwards.
And so it may happen to you! Enjoy! 😛


IMAG0756The incident we are talking about, happened on the morning of the 12th of November, as two young and healthy kinds (yes, it’s us) were just entering a coffee shop and about to get a hot chocolate in order to sweeten their way to work. The friendly barista was to take their order, but they couldn’t focus. Alluring melodies, sweet jingles and prospering lyrics found the way into their heads and eventually made the two innocent girls buy (the more expensive) Christmas-flavoured drinks. – For all those who are wondering now: Christmas-flavour doesn’t mean snow and Tannenbaum, but actually tastes more like orange, super spicy gingerbread and (yes it’s true) Black Forest!


So may I quote another lovely shopkeeper: “It’s never too early for Chrismas, unless it’s January.” Well, so long my dears: Merry IdontcareitsnotChristmasuntilDecember!

XX, Angie


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