Queens Park

I’ve been to Queens Park!

Yes, we live in Queens Park, so it might not really surprise you. But the area is named after an actual Park! Surprise, surprise! 🙂 And I know it’s embarrassing, and I almost don’t dare to admit it – but in the two months living in Queens Park, I’ve never been to the Queens Park. Uff, confession made. I hope you still love me though 😉

OkQueensPark Collage but my point is, I’ve finally been there! Last Monday the sun was giving a sign of life and so Mr Man and I decided to go for an adventure in the afternoon. Mission: Find Queens Park. The namely place was actually not that well hidden and our mission soon was completed. So we had a lovely walk in a lovely park. Although the temperatures suggest that it’s already winter, it still smelled like autumn. We walked on a path through the trees and I jumped in leave piles – it’s kind of easy to make me happy ❤

On our walk we were accompanied by motivated joggers who braved the cold, had to give way to herds of mums with strollers and toddlers, spotted suuper fat squirrels who are the living proof that people do not respect the “please don’t feed the squirrels”-signs, and we got acquainted with Milo the grumpy goat, which we found in the pet section along with chickens and ducks. Like King Mufasa he sat on his wood stack a.k.a. Pride Pile and overlooked the events.

I’m sure I had the best company of all, because it held my hands warm and we had a hot tea to warm us up after our almost-Sunday-adventure was completed. 🙂

XX, Angie



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