Die erste Kerze brennt…

It’s advent. So what do you need?? – An Adventkranz natürlich!

AdventkranzBut it seems that our dear Brits are not really acquainted with this lovely Austrian tradition of lighting a candle every Sunday of advent.

So in order to keep the tradition up and to decorate our humble home, er.. room with an Adventkranz (advent wreath) I had to get a little crafty. Due to the lack of fir branches and all kind of DIY condiments, I got a nice big wooden plate and arranged four big red candles and some Christmas ornaments. It’s nothing like the fancy ones we have at home, but I think it will do the job 🙂

Happy first of Advent everyone!

Winter Wonderland_CollageHa! And what better can you do to get into the ultimate Christmas-mood than spend an evening in the Winter Wonderland, London’s current kitsch center? So on Saturday night I met up with Andrea and Maria and we went to Hyde Park for a dose of cheesy music, crowd and cold. Already form afar one can see the ferris wheel and all the colourful light and it looks really pretty.

Basically it’s a fun fair but everything, absolutely everything is Christmas and winter themed – or Bavarian/Austrian/German-ish. Because apparently this part of the world invented Christmas. They sell Bratwurst and mulled wine from booths that resemble all the clichés that come to your mind when you think of an alpine winter landscape: fake snow, Dirndl, yodelling and singing mooses. 😉 It was fun tough, and I have to admit, I was really happy to have a Bratwurst, even if it was a fake one, of course. The Christmas-craziness didn’t even stop from the haunted house. All the monsters were wrapped in Christmas lights and garlands and the Frankenstein on the front door even wore a Santa Clause hat!

Maria that crazy girl wanted to go on all the crazy rides and Andrea the poor had to accompany her. I choose the safe position and took the photos. 😛

XX, Angie


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