a sister’s date

Kathi and I have been to the cinema yesterday, to see Frozen, the new Walt Disney movie. Well, what shall I say? We are two little princesses and that’s why we had to see it on the first day it was out 🙂
I’m over the moon! It was so adorable! I have to say that my expectations were kind of mixed. The recent movies of Disney didn’t really wow me (Tangled for instance…) but I’ve read some really good reviews, so I was really looking forward to see it.
Kathi and I decided to go for it as soon as it comes out, and it happened to be the 6th, so it was kind of a Nikolaus present to ourselves.
You probably know, how fond I am of movie trailers and advertisements. The evening was opened by the lovely advert of John Lewis, The bear and the hare. A good start. I just love that commercial. And also before the actual film we saw a fun new short film from Pixar.

I think I read somewhere that Frozen is based on The Snowqueen by Hans Christian Andersen – well, maybe. I couldn’t really tell. The storyline is simple yet well told and includes a lot of singing, trolls, a snowman as well as a snowmonster, true love and loooads of frost and snow. I try not to spoil but I have to point out that the secret star of the film is definitively Olaf, the snowman who wishes for summer! He is just great and soo cute! I suggest him for an award as best snowman in a supporting role 2013.
We didn’t realize until we actually saw the movie, that the plot centers the relationship between two sisters, so it was actually perfect for our lovely sisters-date. ❤

Summary of Frozen: I cried a lot. Because of sad scenes, touching moments and, most important, because of laughing!

Only downturn: Now I really wish for snow! And I’m not sure if the British climate will grant me white Christmas… Or maybe a little snowstorm?… 😉

XX, Angie


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