a baking attempt

In Austria we love sweets. (You know me, and I’m a very good example in that case!) And we love to bake. Especially on Christmas. So I did what Austrians do best. – No! Who mentioned yodeling?! I tried to bake Christmas cookies. And yes, I tried. It was more and attempt that an actual success, but I want to be honest with you guys and defend my honor.

So the other day I had a day off and I got totally overwhelmed by Christmas spirit and spontaneously decided to bake! I wrapped myself in my lovely red wither coat and happy-hearted I wanted to run really quickly to Sainsbury’s and get all my ingredients. Ha! Well, who would have thought that instead of 5 minutes I’d spend more than one hour in three different shops in order to look for vanilla sugar and other fancy things like grinded hazelnuts or powder sugar! 😛 Ok, help me guys, but are those things really so special?? At least in Austria at that time of the year you get basically swamped with all the basic baking ingredients at every supermarket.
But pfff, who needs vanilla sugar when you have cinnamon, right? I just got a little creative and improvisative (?) and substituted some of the ingredients I needed.

Ok, so by now I had a batter. It might not have been the best batter I’ve ever mixed, but under the given circumstances I was quite proud actually. And I tasted really yummy!

The next obstacle was the oven. For the reference: I am not complaining here! You might (or might not) know that last year in Milano I had no oven at all!! So objectively spoken, we talk about a 100 % improvement. But you can look at it from whatever perspective you want, I’m just not used to handle a gas oven and the conversion chart I found on the internet for degrees and gas settings was not as trustworthy as it seemed…

keksLong story short: the whole crazy process also had an outcome. But you might have guessed it, the cookies are pretty hard actually and the weird baking sugar I used instead of normal powder sugar had some extra flavor added that makes the cookies taste like and overkill of chocolate and caramel. You think that’s not possible? Try them! You’ll get diabetes form looking 😉 And if people do try them, they have to be warned: the only way to eat my cookies and keep all your teeth is to soak them in tea of coffee first! Moizeit!

But after all, I feel very Christmassy and Austrian now 🙂

XX, Angie


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