Holidays Review

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s Saturday the 4th of January 2014 – time for a Holiday review

Christmas collageBeing Working as a waitress in holiday season has some advantages of course. First of all: tips! A lot! And further: merry customers. And fake-smiling managers. And Christmas songs played in loop… But let’s face it, there are also some downturns. The biggest one might be the fact that you actually have to work during holidays. I was lucky and was allowed to choose whether I’d like Christmas or New Year’s off. I chose Christmas. I even got one extra day, which allowed me to go home to Austria and spend a couple of days at home. Hmmm, Christmas a casa 🙂 Bratwürstel cooked by grandma, Punsch, Christmas tree fondly decorated by mum, cookies, the smell of candles, family dinners and the list goes on and on and on. But I think you get the point 🙂

Alright, but a little above I wrote that it was either Christmas or New Year’s Eve. Right. So I had to work on the 31st 😛 Not optimal, but doable. I was one of the last ones to leave the Restaurant at around 22:30. Maria picked me up and right away we jumped into thsilvester collagee underground and joined the London fraction of our lovely CdM family in a Pub nearby; Michael already wasted, Pawel with his photo camera ready to fire and Gonzo super handsome with a tie. We had a couple of drinks and then went to Parliament Hill to see the fireworks and welcome 2014 together. Of course it was raining.

We joined with friends of Michael and finished our bottles of champagne on the way, as we headed to another pub to meet some more acquaintances of acquaintances. Eventually even Andrea joined us! (The poor guy had it even worse than me and worked ‘til 2am or so) It was a really good and fun night and I only left at around 4am because I had to work on the next morning. The others of course kept on celebrating the New Year and Gonzo just came home when I was about to leave to work in the morning. And he brought me breakfast ❤

Of course it’s still not snowing in London and I am realizing how much I miss the snow that that particular kind of cold that comes with it. But it’s alright. Summing up I can say that I had a really lovely holiday season. I spent those days with all the people I love; family at home, the London-family and trough the means of new media old fashioned things like parcels and letters also with friends more far away (like Spain and Italy 😉 )

A big hug to all of you!!

XX, Angie


One thought on “Holidays Review

  1. I enjoyed christmas with you too, Angie!!! And Kathi… and Gonzo!!!! I was so happy, you could manage to come home for the holidays!!! Hugs & Kisses!!! Mum

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