Chicken in London!!

My best friend Linda came to visit me in London on the first weekend in February. It was amazing!

She took a flight on Friday and stayed over the weekend at our little room in Queens Park. It seemed that we haven’t seen each other for ages and so we had a lot to talk and gossip (:
As both of us were already a little bit tiered we decided only to go to our favourite restaurant around the corner to have dinner.

We got up very early on Saturday as I wanted to show Linda all my favourite places in London. Angie joined us for breakfast at Gail’s, which is a lovely bakery with all kinds of pies, cakes and sweet things you can imagine. Afterwards Linda and I went to Portobello Road in Notting Hill. Unfortunately it was raining – what else 😉 Damn, so we had to go shopping to Oxford Street because this was our agreed “bad weather programme”.
I showed Linda all my favourite shops like HMV, Urban Outfitters, New Look and many more. Of course we also went to Selfridges and had a look at the newest shoe collection of Louboutines, Chanel & Co. Not really good for our self-esteem but a must-see for every girl was Victoria’s Secret. And as I couldn’t resist I bought some lingerie for me to become Max’ personal Victoria’s Secret Angel (:
Do you know that shopping can be that exhausting? All the very important things you have to decide? All the clothes you have to try on! All the bags to carry…poor us 😉 So before seeing “Les Miserables” we had ice cream to gain strength as we got the last two standing tickets for the show this evening.
The Musical was amazing and Linda almost cried because she liked it so much! On the way home we both had the songs stuck in our head and it was hard not to start singing in the tube…do you hear the people sing?
But as soon as we put our heads on the pillow we fell asleep.

On Sunday we stayed in bed longer and went for breakfast at around half past 11 before we went to Camden Market. This is my absolute favourite place! And I think Linda enjoyed it too. All the little stands and amazing things you can get there. Last time I bought this incredibly good looking 80’s jeans jacket.
Later in the afternoon we met Angie for dinner at Byron. We really liked the burgers and the lovely waitress but we adored the desserts…White Chocolate Cheese Cake with Blueberries ❤ Better than in the CheeseCake Factorie and served by a more lovelier waitress than Penny is 😉
In the evening we watched DVD’s and went to bed very early because Linda had to catch her flight at 6.40.

Collage London

Thank’s chicken for this amazing weekend ❤

xxx Kathi


Behind the Mask

Last Thursday Gonzo and me finally stepped out of the room in Bermondsey and went to see a photographic exhibition at Somerset House. Although we planned to go there earlier, we saw it last minute, on the day before it closed.
It was kind of an odyssey to arrive there, as the tube was on strike and because of the horrible weather, busses were running late anyways. But that’s the good thing of going on a date with a Spaniard, even when you are one hour late, he still loves you (I hope ^^) Yes, the weather that day was absolutely awful. It was raining, cold and windy – perfect museum weather so to say!

behind the mask

The exhibition was linked to the BAFTA ceremonies, which will take place next Sunday, 16th of February. The photographer Andy Gotts travelled all around the world to take portraits of actors who have won or have been nominated for a BAFTA award since the 1950s.The title of the exhibition was Behind the Mask, what I personally found a very suitable title, as the pictures were really personal.
I really enjoyed walking around those big white rooms, looking at the pictures of all that well-known faces and how they look “without a mask” – some actors pulled faces whereas some others just looked relaxed and all natural. Beneath every portrait a small note contained information about nominations for and received BAFTA awards of the respective actor.
On of the biggest delights of seeing such an exhibition with Gonzo was that he was like my personal audio guide. As we were strolling trough the showrooms he commented the films the actors were in, their work and life. “Did you see that film? You absolutely have to! The camerawork/editing/colours/directing/dialogues… is/are simply amazing!”
Throughout the rooms, film quotes were written on the walls. But they were without any references, so you could either impress with your knowledge or make an educated guess, as the only hint was that the quote was connected to one of the actors shown in the room. At the reception desk a list was available with all the references so you could check at the end of the visit. I think that was a simple yet lovely idea to spice it up a little.

We spent about two hours wandering around in the universe of actors and films before we went out into the rain again. As we were both starving, we treated ourselves with some pasta, dolce and a good caffè at a nearby Italian restaurant.

It’s the simple things that make happy days.

XX, Angie

Family reunion!

Family reunion!! 😀 😀

Ok, a short explanation for all of you who are slightly confused now: the Argentinian fraction of our big and lovely CdM family came to visit London!!
And if it confuses you even more that I talk of Argentinian family and not of Austrian, let me explain you… We met Berni, Ceci and Nati at CinemadaMare, the big film festival we attended this summer. And believe me, sharing inflatable mattresses, pasta at candlelight, loong bus rides, the joy of creating and being creative and Italy at summertime simply binds you together and you become family.

1262500_479458815494820_833701219_oAfter the festival finished in September with a last stop at the Venice Film Festival, those crazy guys kept on travelling, lived in Valencia for a couple of months and now for their final stop before going back to South America they came to London.

british museum CollageTogether we went to the British Museum where we explored ways of living in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and Mexico, did and did not touch exhibits, encountered mummies and took loads of pictures.

locos IIOne of the highlights was definitely the lovely dinner we had at Diana’s place. Apart from Galician ham, Argentinian pancakes and Austrian dessert we shared sweet memories, interesting conversations, new projects and lots of plans for the future. The next meeting is fixed to be in South America. When? As soon as possible! – or whenever we have the money 😉

On Tuesday Gonzo and me went to Victoria Station to say good bye, before the guys left Europe after almost one year of travelling. Unfortunately we had slight coordination problems and ended up, having only 10 minutes to say goodbye, vow to go to Argentina and hug and kiss again and again.

Berni, Nati and Ceci, I wish you all the best on your further journey. Keep on doing what you love. Be amazing – as always. I never met anyone like you, so loving and true.

XX, Angie

Oh, and if anyone of you is intersted in the adventures, journeys and projects of those chicos locos – and if you are capable of understanding Spanish, that’s thier blog:
enjoy 🙂

sticky, sweet and delicious

I’ve done it again. I just couldn’t help it. Actually: we have done it. – And yes, we are talking about baking. 🙂 As you know from one of my previous posts I had kind of a hard start. But, and here comes the twist, the second attempt turned out really well!

??????????About one week ago, Kathi and me decided to give it another try. We decided to go for muffins this time. Kathi got me those really lovely cupcake cups when we went to Ikea and I hadn’t tried them yet, so it was about time! And probably the good vibrations Kathi sent me while I was mixing the batter are to blame for the success! The recipe was quite simple and didn’t require fancy stuff (e.g. vanilla sugar…) so we already won half the match.
But of course simple cupcakes are waaay beneath our standards and so we spiced up the dough with a big portion of Nutella and a lot of chocolate chips. Now we were baking Zopf-style! ^^ And yes, the result was absolutely amazing, but who would have thought different anyways? 😉 The outcome was 18 super sticky, rich and yummy cupcakes which brightened our day, made our room smell delicious and substituted breakfast for the next couple of days. We can just never have enough chocolate.*om nom nom*

XX, Angie