sticky, sweet and delicious

I’ve done it again. I just couldn’t help it. Actually: we have done it. – And yes, we are talking about baking. 🙂 As you know from one of my previous posts I had kind of a hard start. But, and here comes the twist, the second attempt turned out really well!

??????????About one week ago, Kathi and me decided to give it another try. We decided to go for muffins this time. Kathi got me those really lovely cupcake cups when we went to Ikea and I hadn’t tried them yet, so it was about time! And probably the good vibrations Kathi sent me while I was mixing the batter are to blame for the success! The recipe was quite simple and didn’t require fancy stuff (e.g. vanilla sugar…) so we already won half the match.
But of course simple cupcakes are waaay beneath our standards and so we spiced up the dough with a big portion of Nutella and a lot of chocolate chips. Now we were baking Zopf-style! ^^ And yes, the result was absolutely amazing, but who would have thought different anyways? 😉 The outcome was 18 super sticky, rich and yummy cupcakes which brightened our day, made our room smell delicious and substituted breakfast for the next couple of days. We can just never have enough chocolate.*om nom nom*

XX, Angie


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