Behind the Mask

Last Thursday Gonzo and me finally stepped out of the room in Bermondsey and went to see a photographic exhibition at Somerset House. Although we planned to go there earlier, we saw it last minute, on the day before it closed.
It was kind of an odyssey to arrive there, as the tube was on strike and because of the horrible weather, busses were running late anyways. But that’s the good thing of going on a date with a Spaniard, even when you are one hour late, he still loves you (I hope ^^) Yes, the weather that day was absolutely awful. It was raining, cold and windy – perfect museum weather so to say!

behind the mask

The exhibition was linked to the BAFTA ceremonies, which will take place next Sunday, 16th of February. The photographer Andy Gotts travelled all around the world to take portraits of actors who have won or have been nominated for a BAFTA award since the 1950s.The title of the exhibition was Behind the Mask, what I personally found a very suitable title, as the pictures were really personal.
I really enjoyed walking around those big white rooms, looking at the pictures of all that well-known faces and how they look “without a mask” – some actors pulled faces whereas some others just looked relaxed and all natural. Beneath every portrait a small note contained information about nominations for and received BAFTA awards of the respective actor.
On of the biggest delights of seeing such an exhibition with Gonzo was that he was like my personal audio guide. As we were strolling trough the showrooms he commented the films the actors were in, their work and life. “Did you see that film? You absolutely have to! The camerawork/editing/colours/directing/dialogues… is/are simply amazing!”
Throughout the rooms, film quotes were written on the walls. But they were without any references, so you could either impress with your knowledge or make an educated guess, as the only hint was that the quote was connected to one of the actors shown in the room. At the reception desk a list was available with all the references so you could check at the end of the visit. I think that was a simple yet lovely idea to spice it up a little.

We spent about two hours wandering around in the universe of actors and films before we went out into the rain again. As we were both starving, we treated ourselves with some pasta, dolce and a good caffè at a nearby Italian restaurant.

It’s the simple things that make happy days.

XX, Angie


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