Family reunion!

Family reunion!! 😀 😀

Ok, a short explanation for all of you who are slightly confused now: the Argentinian fraction of our big and lovely CdM family came to visit London!!
And if it confuses you even more that I talk of Argentinian family and not of Austrian, let me explain you… We met Berni, Ceci and Nati at CinemadaMare, the big film festival we attended this summer. And believe me, sharing inflatable mattresses, pasta at candlelight, loong bus rides, the joy of creating and being creative and Italy at summertime simply binds you together and you become family.

1262500_479458815494820_833701219_oAfter the festival finished in September with a last stop at the Venice Film Festival, those crazy guys kept on travelling, lived in Valencia for a couple of months and now for their final stop before going back to South America they came to London.

british museum CollageTogether we went to the British Museum where we explored ways of living in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and Mexico, did and did not touch exhibits, encountered mummies and took loads of pictures.

locos IIOne of the highlights was definitely the lovely dinner we had at Diana’s place. Apart from Galician ham, Argentinian pancakes and Austrian dessert we shared sweet memories, interesting conversations, new projects and lots of plans for the future. The next meeting is fixed to be in South America. When? As soon as possible! – or whenever we have the money 😉

On Tuesday Gonzo and me went to Victoria Station to say good bye, before the guys left Europe after almost one year of travelling. Unfortunately we had slight coordination problems and ended up, having only 10 minutes to say goodbye, vow to go to Argentina and hug and kiss again and again.

Berni, Nati and Ceci, I wish you all the best on your further journey. Keep on doing what you love. Be amazing – as always. I never met anyone like you, so loving and true.

XX, Angie

Oh, and if anyone of you is intersted in the adventures, journeys and projects of those chicos locos – and if you are capable of understanding Spanish, that’s thier blog:
enjoy 🙂


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