Chicken in London!!

My best friend Linda came to visit me in London on the first weekend in February. It was amazing!

She took a flight on Friday and stayed over the weekend at our little room in Queens Park. It seemed that we haven’t seen each other for ages and so we had a lot to talk and gossip (:
As both of us were already a little bit tiered we decided only to go to our favourite restaurant around the corner to have dinner.

We got up very early on Saturday as I wanted to show Linda all my favourite places in London. Angie joined us for breakfast at Gail’s, which is a lovely bakery with all kinds of pies, cakes and sweet things you can imagine. Afterwards Linda and I went to Portobello Road in Notting Hill. Unfortunately it was raining – what else 😉 Damn, so we had to go shopping to Oxford Street because this was our agreed “bad weather programme”.
I showed Linda all my favourite shops like HMV, Urban Outfitters, New Look and many more. Of course we also went to Selfridges and had a look at the newest shoe collection of Louboutines, Chanel & Co. Not really good for our self-esteem but a must-see for every girl was Victoria’s Secret. And as I couldn’t resist I bought some lingerie for me to become Max’ personal Victoria’s Secret Angel (:
Do you know that shopping can be that exhausting? All the very important things you have to decide? All the clothes you have to try on! All the bags to carry…poor us 😉 So before seeing “Les Miserables” we had ice cream to gain strength as we got the last two standing tickets for the show this evening.
The Musical was amazing and Linda almost cried because she liked it so much! On the way home we both had the songs stuck in our head and it was hard not to start singing in the tube…do you hear the people sing?
But as soon as we put our heads on the pillow we fell asleep.

On Sunday we stayed in bed longer and went for breakfast at around half past 11 before we went to Camden Market. This is my absolute favourite place! And I think Linda enjoyed it too. All the little stands and amazing things you can get there. Last time I bought this incredibly good looking 80’s jeans jacket.
Later in the afternoon we met Angie for dinner at Byron. We really liked the burgers and the lovely waitress but we adored the desserts…White Chocolate Cheese Cake with Blueberries ❤ Better than in the CheeseCake Factorie and served by a more lovelier waitress than Penny is 😉
In the evening we watched DVD’s and went to bed very early because Linda had to catch her flight at 6.40.

Collage London

Thank’s chicken for this amazing weekend ❤

xxx Kathi


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