Hey Ho kleiner Stern

I remember that since a couple of years, Kathi and me were semi-serious joking and dreaming about moving to London and making it big, after we both finished studying. But when last year in February she won the Austrian Wedding Fashion Award with that absolutely stunning dress she designed and made herself, all of a sudden everything became real. The first price of the competition was a 6 month internship in a bridal dress company in London! I remember vividly: I was sitting in my room in Milano, it was a grey and rainy winters day when Kathi called me and said “Now there is no backing up, you have to come to London with me!”

Kathi started the internship (that soon was converted into a regular employment) in September and I came a little later, after spending summer in Italy. At first we suffered a little culture shock, I have to admit, but we did quite well and soon learned to enjoy a good cup of tea and adapted to London customs, like for example: always wear an umbrella, even when sun shines, mind the gap, not get killed in traffic when looking at the wrong side while crossing a street and most of all say sorry, even when somebody stepped on your foot.
I was studying in Salzburg for three years and another one in Italy. I felt like I haven’t spent time with my little sister in ages and so I really enjoyed sharing that adventure with her. We had the most amazing time in London, always trying to squeeze as much possible into it.
When she started packing a few days ago, I felt absolutely horrible. I always thought that packing suitcases is so promising, it means new adventures ahead! But seeing someone else doing it is actually really sad. But hey, for Kathi it definitely means new quests, experiences and impressions to come, as she has a very good job offer, a loving boyfriend and a summer with lakes and mountains waiting back home. As I took her to Liverpool Street Station this morning, I almost couldn’t believe, that she was now moving back to Austria and I was really sad, when I saw her leave in the bus.

But after all, we’ll always share that big adventure and a lot of lovely London memories. – And she already planned to come for a visit! 🙂

Danke, Kathi, für die tolle gemeinsame Zeit! I vermiss di jetzt schon! Die Koch-Kurse, Museums-Erleuchtungen, Film-Abenden, Park-Spaziergänge, Sing-Alongs, Einkaufs-Nachmittage, Tube-Gossips, Foto-Sessions, Mode-Beratungen, Friday-Dinners und so viel mehr wedn ma ganz fürchterlich fehlen!

Danke für alles! I hab di lieb – bis zum Mond und wieder zurück ❤

XOX, Angie


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