Sunday is Fun day! … And Saturday too! :)

Alright guys, I know that this may sound weird, but Kathi and I kept saying that we constantly felt like on weekend trips to London. No, for real! As Kathi was working form 9 to 18:30 from Monday to Friday, there never was a lot of time really to do things during the week… but the weekends were ours!

We’re living for the weekends!

On our very first weekend together in London we hit Oxford Street (obviously) and went for some serious Sightseeing (read here).

??????????I particularly remember one very rainy and grey Sunday in October when we decided to explore Camden market. Of course it wasn’t raining yet when we left house and so we both got soaked up wearing only our converse – but hey, that’s the London spirit! 😛 We hopped from booth to booth and sought shelter under their awnings, admiring all the colourful whosits and whatsits. Eventually we couldn’t resist and got some necklaces and jumpers – and a pack of sharpies in all the colours of the rainbow!! 🙂

And of course Mum came to visit in October! 😀 It was really nice to show her around the city and go shopping together.

On a sunny Sunday at the beginning of November we had a proper tourist day: in the weekend IImorning we went to the Tate Modern museum, but soon found out that modern art is a lot more difficult to understand than we expected.

Kathi (very dry), looking critical at a nude form Picasso: “Yes, sure. Now they present it as art, but I bet back then he only used to paint her as part of the foreplay to some great and very creative artist-sex.”

So we had a lovely cup of tea in the museums café with a magnificent view overlooking the Thames and St. Paul’s. Then we discovered the activity booth for children and started painting ourselves 😉
For lunch that day we had “the best Fish’n’Chips in town” in a small restaurant located in the bridge pier of Tower Bridge. After a walk in the sunshine along the Thames we went home where we warmed up (it was sunny, not warm!) with some tea and watched The Breakfast Club.

weekend IOh, and one crazy Saturday morning we spontaneously decided to go and see the last show of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Noël Coward Theatre. I called the box office, we got the last two tickets for the afternoon show, we got ready and off we went to see the play. I have to admit that it was quite expensive and I kinda insisted on seeing it – but it was absolutely worth it!
The staging was brilliant! The stage design comprised a wonderful enchanted forest, a big moon and a derelict ballroom. All the elves were dressed like hippies and sang Hare Krishna, whereas the humans wore more modern clothes, yet very classy and neutral. I felt like the happiest person in the audience, as this was the very fist Shakespeare I saw in London and Kathi was so delighted by the costumes 🙂

As with the beginning of December I started to work at Byron, it got a little tricky to arrange our weekends. Usually I have some shifts on Saturday and Sunday, but we tried to keep our weekend-trips going 🙂 I think we managed quite well.

weekend IIIOne Saturday I was off surprisingly and so we went to the V&A museum to see the Club to Catwalk – 80’s Fashion exhibition: lots of nylon, neon and naked skin!
We resisted the urge to apply for some aerobic classes or get a permanent wave afterwards and instead went to the South bank Christmas market, where we had mulled wine and Bratwurst. It felt pretty Christmassy but of course tasted nothing like home!

One of the loveliest days in January was definitely when Kathi, Gonzo and me had lunch in Soho and we met Michael who he took us to the BBC! (read here)

And in February, some more visitors came! Linda and our Dad honoured us with a visit! They were really lucky as spring sent the first warm sunny days 🙂

weekend IVOn the very last Saturday in February I only had to work in the afternoon, so Kathi and me got up early to seize the day. First we had caffé and cornetto at “our” Italian café. We took the red double decker to Greens Park and had a quick look into Hard Rock Café before we went to see the Change of the Guards.
Trapped in a crow of tourists in front of Buckingham Palace we overheard the following conversation, which explains it all.

Little Girl, wearing a tutu: “I thought you said they’d dance.” – Mum: “No, honey, I said they’d march.” – “Oh, I thought they dance…” – “…but the Queen’s doing a dance in her pyjamas. Right there in her bedroom, where the big balcony is. Do you see?”

After that insight about the Queen’s morning procedures and some nice tunes (like Grace Kelly!) we had lunch at St. James’s Park before we headed towards Bricklane.
At the Spitalfielsd Market we bumped into a pop up Vintage and Desig market. It was really fun strolling around the booths and looking at all that super fashionables and handed down clothes. We made our way around Bricklane and White Chapel, admiring the colourful graffitis, curious shop windows and hipsters in the streets. We even found Fashion Street! To finish that lovely afternoon, before I had to run to work, we had chocolate cake at Patisserie Valerie *hmmm*

Summing up, I think I can say that Kathi and me definitely always made the very best out of our weekends together!

XX, Angie


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