Goodbye Queens Park – Hello Stratford!

Ok, so I don’t even know if anyone is actually reading this little blog of mine, but anyway here is one very useful life advice for you: never move house when on PMS. Just don’t. Makes the whole thing unnecessary emotional and dramatic.
move Collage

The headline pretty much sums it up. I’ve moved out of our lovely under-the-roof-almost-artistic-feeling-room in Queens Park in order to live with Gonzo, Andrea and Maria in a flat in Stratford. I want to stress a flat! A flat! That means: a living room! a kitchen table!! and no cockroaches that crawl out of the microwave – yes, the only thing nice about the house in Priory Park Road was our room and the front door.
Alright, but I have to admit that it’s very hard for me to say Goodbye to Queens Park as I really like this area. I fell in love when I first arrived with Kathi in late September and we walked down Salusbury Road: little cafes, an old book shop, small eateries and very british row houses.
But as a wise friend said to me: You moved to London, it’s a city. If you want it all cute and village-ish, move to a village. Well, I suppose that’s right.
Also, living in that room without Kathi would have been kind of sad anyways, so I’m glad I’m moving out… somehow. And that plan of Andrea and Maria and Gonzo and me living together in London had been around for months! We’ve been talking about this since summer, when we discovered that we’ll all move to London in autumn. Well, and now it’s about time to make it real.

Here we go, a new chapter in the London adventure. I’m actually really excited!

XX, Angie


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