Feeling Spring-ish

Here’s a hard one for you: Spot the difference.




Ok, I’ll give you a hint: The picture on the top and the bottom differ in about a month – It’s finally getting spring in London! Well, spring-ish. Yesterday it was raining… But anyway, before that we had 8 consecutive days without rain! *yaay*

In all the parks the flowers and trees are blooming and the local youth is showing off their belly buttons. I too tried to go out without my winter jacket, in order to look cool and hipster, you know, but soon decided that I might wait a little longer with following the new spring fashion. Seriously, I can’t understand how they do it. How can a Brit be so resistant to cold? Yes, sun is shining, it is sunny and nice, but after all it’s only march and pretty chilly actually. So hold on, cool kids out there, summer is yet to come and if people are going all crazy and bare flesh for the first rays of sun, I’m afraid we’ll all be running around naked by August.
My grandmother taught me not to go bare feet in moths written with an R. I guess the same applies to showing off your belly button.

XX, Angie

PS: Spring officially starts in a week, 20th of march 2014! 😀 😀 only three more months to go for summer!


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