a fancy evening

Last week Gonzo and I went out for a fancy dinner – a good excuse to finally wear my fancy high heels 😉 And at this point a warning for the girls: London is beautiful, but I recommend strongly only dare and wear heels when you are accompanied by a strong man who is offering you his arm and prevents you from falling over at the uneven pavement. 😛

barnyardlogoGonzo took me to eat at Barnyard, where he works. This way I could finally meet his colleagues and get an idea of how the restaurant looks like, as till now whenever he started a “you know, today at work …” I had my imagination running wild in order to provide a suitable context.
So, the restaurant doesn’t actually looks that fancy when you first enter. The interior is simple yet chic, and the waiters wear lumberjack shirts. But that illusion is quickly changed by the friendly host, who tells you that you have to wait approximately 45 minutes to one hour for a table and, most of all, when you have a look at the menu. Oh. I know, the critiques praised the oh-so affordable prices in barnyardthe haute cuisine restaurant but for us, basically still living on a student’s budget, it was fancy enough. 😉
As I said, the waiting list for a table was long and we were hungry, so we had dinner at the bar. Gonzo was in charge of ordering (he knows the menu inside out), and the portion sizes being small, we basically ended up ordering half the menu and occupying way to much space on the counter. While eating chicken wings, corn bread and piccalilli we were entertained by Gonzo’s fellow bartenders, who also made sure that our glasses never were empty. I could talk about the great food now, but I think I’d rather write about the drinks.
To accompany our dinner, Gonzo chose a Shandy for me and a beer for himself. And if, like me, you don’t know what the heck a Shandy is, let me enlighten you: it’s a cocktail on the basis of beer. Yes, I know. Sounds strange but is surprisingly yummy! It somehow tastes like cold mulled wine. 🙂
But I think the reason why I will definitely come back to visit Gonzo at wok is that they serve alcoholic milkshakes! (!!) Needless to say we had one of those fancy things for dessert – along with proper dessert, of course. Why choose between chocolate waffles, popcorn ice cream or a banana-rum milkshake when you can have them all? Hehe.

To finish off the evening we headed over to the basement bar of Dabbous, for a nightcap. Apparently Dabbous is a well know name in the London world of hospitality (1 Michelin Star!) and its founder is also the owner of Barnyard. I was sipping my Fitzrovia Spritz, as Gonzo casually introduced me to all the important people around: that’s Oskar, who presides over the bar and here is Joe, head chef of the Barnyard. I even shook hands with Ollie Dabbous himself!

Thanks Gonzo, for taking me out for dinner. I don’t know if I mentioned the word fancy often enough in this post, but I’d like to point out, that I fancy you very much.

XX, Angie

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