From Home with Love.

home_smallIs there anything more beautiful than being woken up in the early morning on a day off, by the postman who requires a signature? Not at all, if the cause is a parcel sent from Salzburg with love!
So instead of sleeping in, I sat in the kitchen with a cup of tea, all my flat mates still fast asleep, unpacking a piece of home.
Fine, Dudn and Hias sent me the loveliest things from home and actually succeeded quite well in making me a little home sick. Hias sent me chocolate and sugar for moving into the new flat – bread and salt is supposed to bring good luck, but knowing me he decided better 😉 Also I got schnapps and Manner, magnets from Salzburg, the monthly program of “our” repertory cinema *hach* and a very amusing letter, written by Dudn and Fine: reading it one can recall perfectly how they gradually got drunk while writing it. I’m touched girls, for thinking of me, even over a bottle of Jim Beam 😉 Guys, even though I got woken up because of you – you made my Friday, thank you!! 😀

anna II_smallOn Sunday Anna came to visit me! She stayed over at our place and although we only spent one afternoon and one evening together, I’m sooo happy we met up! We even managed to squeeze some sightseeing in the little time we had and took a picture on the famous Abbey Road zebra crossing.
The rest of the time we spent over tea, cookies and Chinese food, talking, catching up almost a half year and gossiping, as if someone just hit Pause the last time we saw each other and the conversation went on like without interruption. ❤

And finally, to finish up that series of things from home that come to our apartment, a big parcel from mum arrived today. This time I was already awake and was running down the stairs happily when the postman rang. Over the last two weeks, mum was announcing that she’ll send a surprise for the new flat and that she’s constantly working on it. I have to admit, I was a little afraid, of what she would send us. Not that I wouldn’t appreciate it, but with my mum one never know what ideas she might have 😉
home II_small   Anyways, the surprise arrived today – and what a lovely surprise it was!! I opened the package and I only saw colours! It was a HUGE CLOURFUL PATCHWORK BLANKET! So beautiful and so many colours and so soft and warm. It’s like a hug from mum, travelled with the post form Austria to London ❤ I cannot say how much it means to me, thank you mum!

Lots of Love to everyone at home, thank you guys for thinking of me.

XX, Angie




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