Break a thing, mend your luck.

Last Thursday didn’t start very nice, to be honest. Gonzo and I went to Greenwich together. On the way there he stepped on my shoe and almost the entire sole ripped off. Next the straps of my backpack ripped and I tore my favourite necklace. Plus I had an interview that turned out to be a flop. Enough for one day.
But don’t worry, folks, I’m fine and also Gonzo is alive – a miracle, considering that I broke three things I really liked in less than three hours after waking up 😉

But despite (or maybe just because of) the unlucky start, the day turned out to be really good!

Greenwich is a really nice place. On the one hand you feel like you are on the countryside; a lot of green around, the flowers and trees are in full bloom, hills, small streets and houses. But on the other hand you can still see the London skyline on the horizon. A truly interesting combination.

Gonzo was waiting for me in a cute little Argentinian café while I was being interviewed. I met up with him right after and rewarded myself with Empanadas for lunch and chocolate cake. Ahum! The café was, like everything else around, adorable. We sat in the big old leather sofa for what seemed ages and discussed everything and nothing, actually waiting for the rain to come and to pass, as there were heavy grey clouds on the sky and we wanted to avoid getting wet (my broken shoe was definitely not a big help in that case.) As after quite some time there was no sign of rain, we just decided to risk taking a walk. And guess what? Rain didn’t come at all! Ha! Although the whole day was grey and it looked like a heavy shower would come any minute – it didn’t rain a drop. I guess that’s spring in the UK 🙂

Greenwich CollageI

We had a lovely walk through the town centre where we found an antique market. They sold a bunch of very curious stuff, and we had fun rummaging in old comic books, sunglasses, Viking helmets and stamps. As we crossed the campus of the royal college Gonzo realized that that’s exactly where they shot the final battle of Thor 2 and he tried really hard to explain me why it had to be just here and why the Royal Observatory is so important but I guess I’m just not into superheroes enough to understand.  Anyways, we saw a giant ship in a bottle. 😀
Of course we walked up the hill in Greenwich Park to see the Royal Observatory and the Greenwich meridian. After all, I feel we are still more tourists than Londoners… and I don’t think that will change in the near future ^^ From up there the view is absolutely magnificent. One can overlook the beautiful park and the Thames and in the back the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf are mounting up.


Both hungry from our expedition, we set out to find a place for dinner. And Greenwich being a part of the multicultural mixture of London, we stumbled over a Tapería. Gonzo was smiling happily over a bottle of Estrella Galicia, as we ordered the tapas.
Our menu, wisely chosen by the Spaniard in charge, consisted of:tapas

  • Tortilla
  • Chorizo al vino
  • Albóndigas en salsa
  • Tosta de queso de cabra y cebolla caramelizada
  • Pollo asado al límon
  • Pan 🙂

It was really good – at least form my point of view. I think it tasted like summer and wanderlust. Gonzo also liked it, but knowing how the things are actually supposed to taste, he was a little more critical than me. Understandable. But still, it tasted like Fernweh to me.

Ignoring the part of breaking my stuff, it was a really nice day out. I enjoyed the long walk, the tiny treasures we found on the market and the spanish dinner.

XX, Angie


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