Cherry Tree Lane

You know guys, it is spring in London. Finally. It’s not raining every day anymore and the parks are a sea with yellow snowflakes. See here.

PortobelloCollage_ILast Sunday I had the afternoon off, so I spontaneously decided to go for a walk in Notting Hill. The tube took me to Notting Hill Gate and then I decided to get lost. Without looking at the map I just started to wander around.
After getting off the High Street, I found myself in a picturesque neighbourhood. Cute British houses in pastel colours, little shops and cherry trees in full bloom. I almost expected to bump into Hugh Grant at every corner. 🙂
Eventually I got to Portobello Road and went a little further to see the famous Portobello Road Market. The street is lined with colourful shops and stands selling street food, antiques, vintage clothing, curiosities and the usual bric-a-brac. As it was Sunday, the big market halls were closed, but there still where enough people (tourists ?) around to create a lively picture.

Even though being a road market like Bricklane and Camden market as well, Portobello gives a slightly neater image. Sure, the same cheap shirts, scarves and souvenirs are offered in the small booths, but I guess the mixture with high priced antiques and cute yet polished cafés and boutiques creates this unique atmosphere.
I really enjoyed walking down the hill, and was carried away by the lively scenery. Shop windows with mannequins dressed all in retro, people bargaining over old lenses, watches and radios, hipsters taking their Sunday tea in a hip coffee shop on the corner. And then a slight wind blast came and suddenly the air was filled with pink petals.

Later I walked down Bayswater Road towards Kensington Gardens and I was just about to search for the statue of Peter Pan, when Gonzo called me that he just finished work. So I postponed my visit at Peter’s and took a bus to Charlotte Street, where I met up with Gonzo and his colleagues for an after-work drink in a nearby pub. The match West Ham vs. Liverpool was on, but Gonzo`s manager and head chef were way too busy flirting and joking around with four blonde and beautiful girls from Sweden to pay attention. Amused we were watching the scene and decided to go for a walk in Soho, as Gonzo stated that the male–female ratio of 2 : 4 was just perfect for that kind of situation. 🙂Portobello Collage_II
We had dinner at Herman Ze German and though they claim to sell German food, I felt pleasantly at home, munching Bratwust und Pommes. 🙂 For dessert Gonzo took me to Patisserie Valerie and bought four slices of sumptuous chocolate cake – he just knows how to make me happy.

Arriving home, we found that Andrea and Maria had invited a friend for dinner and we came just in time for the sweets *hehe* And being the childish bunch that we are, we spent the evening/night over card games, magic tricks and playing “categories”.

XX, Angie


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