The Expat Easter Experience

I share my expat Easter experience a little belated with you guys. Sorry, I am a very lazy blogger indeed.

Well, actually Easter arrived quite early in London. Not only did the shops start to upsell all the sweets and hot cross buns right after mother’s day, but also a huuge parcel arrived from mum in the first week of April – stuffed with Austrian Easter sweets, decoration and presents 🙂

I also got quite crafty in the kitchen in order to fulfil all the culinary traditions we have in Austria. *yaay*

Fist thing, I coloured eggs. I mean, coloured eggs are like the essence of Easter for me. But there is absolutely no chance of getting those special colours you need for that or even pre-coloured eggs somewhere in London. Chocolate eggs are omnipresent, but it seems that our dear Brits aren’t familiar with this lovely tradition. So without further ado I made my own colours, boiling beetroot, carrots and parsley into a wonderful red, orange and green. I have to say that I was really pleased when all the eggs turned out beautifully and when my flatmates came home from work and they appreciated my effort. Funnily Gonzo and Andrea both thought it was an American tradition, as they only knew it from the TV. 🙂 Maria and I then introduced them to the custom of “egg bashing” (Eierpecken) where two opponents each take hold of an Easter egg and try to crack the other one’s open (does that explanation makes sense?) Anyway, Maria and I knew that game from our childhood and it was a pleasure seeing everybody playing!

Further I baked Beugerl, kind of a special bread only eaten in Lent and on Good Friday I made Pofesen, like my grandmother usually does them. They were pretty good, but of course not anywhere near her’s.

On Easter morning Gonzo and me had a very late Brunch and enjoyed all the sweet things my mum sent to me: Colomba, a cake in the shape of a lamb and sweets!! 🙂
But my sister sent me the most essential Easter thing ever: a Milka chocolate bunny and made my day.

Easter Collage

XX, Angie


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