Daytrip to Spain

Wow, Gonzo and I had a Saturday off together. Miracle! 🙂

spainCollageOf course this rare circumstance needed to be well used and so we decided to go for a walk at Embankment and have some Tapas at the current Streets of Spain Food Festival. And guess what? It is weekend, the sun was shining – so there was one big crowd, trying to eat Paella on the go and get hold of a (very overpriced) glass of Sangria.

A little aside we eventually found a small van selling Pintxos and we shared a plate of meat, cheeses and bread with olive oil over some cool red and rosé wine. It was good but honestly nothing more than a starter. And as we were still hungry we went for some guiso de carrillera (stew of cow cheek) and a goats’ cheese and sweet potato pie. I knoow, a pie! Pff! Not very Spanish indeed, but what shall I say, the tapas just left us hungry 🙂
For dessert we had Alfajor cookies and Churros!! *hmmm* The Churros were amazing but definitely not as good as the ones I tried in Malaga – but I think that might also be due to the lack of palm trees nearby. ^^

gonzoOne of the main attractions of the Festival was the Campo Viejo Colour Lab. The idea was to taste a wine under various colour and sound influences and find out if you taste and differences according to your surroundings. I think it was a very interesting idea but not very well executed. Although it was advertised as an official experiment of a Professor from Oxford it was merely a marketing gag. And believe me guys, I just deleted a whole paragraph describing the experiment situation in every detail and analysing the biases from my point of view… Yes, I do miss university sometimes.

fortune tellerOk, anyway, as it was getting chilly we decided to head home, but uh-oh, a nasty amusement arcade jumped in our way! And so we more or less successfully fought some zombie pirates, rocked guitar hero and asked a fortune teller for our luck before we finally called it a day and went home. If I wake up tomorrow as an adult, I blame it on the fortune teller 😉

XX, Angie

Look at the webpage, I really like the the colours!


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