A daytrip with the family

Brighton, the little town on the seaside. Ever since living in London the plan of getting out there was stuck somewhere in the back of my head, but it was always either too cold or too busy, mistimed, or we were just too lazy to actually go there.
So when we saw that we’ll all have a day off together, the first reaction was: daytrip! And the second was me croaking: Brighton! 🙂

Brighton_ Collage_IIYesterday morning we all got up (relatively) early and took a train out to Brighton. It’s actually not far at all; within one hour we left hectic, crowded and rainy London behind and found ourselves in a lovely, quiet, sunny and windy (!) seaside town.
First thing we headed to the beach, of course! I couldn’t wait to see the sea and all the way down the road I just could stop smiling! The sea looked absolutely majestic that day. The waves were mounting up high and it seemed the seagulls were flying in slow motion against the strong wind. I was just so happy. I think the boys couldn’t really understand it, both being spoiled by growing up at the seaside, but for me it’s just magical every time I get to be on a beach.

A golden star for Maria! She spotted the kites in that tiny shop on the promenade. Yes, they were cheap and didn’t last for very long, but it was so much fun running up and down the beach, trying to get them fly high! I can’t remember the last time I flew a kite and though the wind actually tore my rainbow-colored plastic hawk violently apart, it was still great! Maria cheated and created a Franken-kite attaching a plastic bag to hers – but I still think mine flew better! 😉

Afterwards we went for Fish ’n’ Chips (what else?!) and walked down the promenade to the Brighton Pier. The Pier is an awesome thing on its own. It’s huge and they fitted a whole funfair on it! There is a carousel and a helter skelter right there, surrounded by sea. Crazy! A lot of the attractions were still closed, but I imagine it must be amazing to go there on a summer night, riding the rollercoaster overlooking the beach!
Further we went to see the Royal Pavilion. “Pavilion” in that case seems to be understatement of the century! For me the word “Pavilion” indicates that the construction of interest is somehow small and petit – but we found ourselves in front of what seemed to be the palace of an Indian maharaja directly imported to England. Anyways, it’s surrounded by a beautiful garden, where we sat for a while, soaking up the sunshine and blowing bubbles. Andrea used the moment and took some really nice pictures of Gonzo and his pipe.

Another golden star goes to Andrea! He found that amazing chocolate shop hidden somewhere in the narrow lanes of the old town. The shop itself is already marvellous enough – impressive cakes and extraordinary chocolate creations everywhere – and then we found out that there was a café upstairs. It was like we found ourselves at the mad tea party. The room under the roof was painted in bright red, no chair matched the other and the counter was overflowing with cakestands, high and low, random tea service and sumptuous and extravagant cakes and treats. And not surprisingly it was everybody’s un-birthday!! What a wonderful excuse to have cake! 🙂

After taking some sundown pictures at the beach we slowly made our way uphill towards the train station and finally back to London.

It was an amazing day, and I had so much fun. Thank you, Maria, Andrea and Gonzo, for this lovely family day out! ❤

XX, Angie


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