missing: may bugs

Good morning everyone!

I just came back from a run through the green and blooming Stratford Park and the smell of the trees in spring reminded me that it was actually time for the May bugs to be around. But there are none.


It’s a pity, because I have lots of lovely childhood memories of setting out at dusk for a May bug hunt or just how it tickles to have them crawl over your hands. And I would love to take my international friends out at night to a street lantern and catch some of those ugly-beautiful beetles.

Well, in the meantime read Wilhelm Busch and think of me when you recite

Jeder weiß, was so ein Mai-
Käfer für ein Vogel sei.
In den Bäumen hin und her
Fliegt und kriecht und krabbelt er.

What kind of a bird a May-
Bug was, they knew, I dare say;
In the trees they may be found,
Flying, crawling, wriggling round.

see http://germanstories.vcu.edu/mm/mm5_dual.html for the full story of Max and Moritz!

I hope there are lots of them at home!

XX, Angie


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