I want to ride my bicycle!

Yesterday afternoon I went to pick up Gonzo from work. We strolled all the way up Oxford Street and once in Hyde Park Gonzo had the most brilliant idea: we hired a pair of bikes and off we went along the Serpentine, through alleys and parkways and past people soaking up the sun and playing all kinds of sports. It’s been ages since I rode a bike for the last time and it felt absolutely great! They say you never forget how to ride a bike, but I feel like I almost forgot that special kind of happiness and freedom and how it feels to have the wind in your face.
First I felt a little like back in primary school when I did the “driving license for bikes” – I had to get used to the traffic on the wrong side of the street (especially tricky when turning!) and to the front and the back brakes being mixed up on the handle. But soon we adjusted to the bikes and set up for a race 🙂









After a lovely tour in the park we gave back the bikes and went on to Kensington Gardens, where we visited Peter Pan. The sun was just about to set and so the whole park was showered in amazing blue and orange colours.
At last it started to rain and it was just magical. Seeking shelter under a linden tree didn’t save us from getting all soaked up but we saw the most amazing rainbow stretching all over the parks.






I hope you had a magical afternoon too!

XX, Angie


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