A day in the name of science!

It is already a well-known fact that Gonzo and I basically never have a day off together. We don’t exactly know why our rotas never match, so we just blame the evil fate. Apparently fate didn’t want to accept the blame either and this week gave us two consecutive (!!) days off together! Wow!

Yesterday we’ve spent the whole day locked in the flat, finally editing the material we’ve shot almost a year ago in Venice. It was so nice to sit next to Gonzo again and annoy him while he is doing the actual work at the computer. I’m not really good at editing myself but (according to Gonzo) I have quite some brilliant ideas and so I’m allowed to sit next to him, watch, learn and constantly put in my humble opinion.

Science Collage IIIAnyways, being un-showered and creative the whole day yesterday, we’ve decided to go out today and dedicate a day to science – we went to the Science Museum!! 😀
The Science Museum was one of the biggies on my London check list. I remember from being little going to the Nature Museum in Salzburg with my parents and my sister. The exhibitions and displays were all to touch, feel and walk-through and I recall my mum telling me that it’s all inspired by the amazing museums in London and that they were pioneers in interactive education. So I was pretty excited to go and see it myself and I have to say that I definitely wasn’t disappointed!

Today I’ve learnt how astronauts poop in outer space, I saw the Foucault pendulum, walked through a slice of a Boeing 747 and found out that decidophobia actually exists. Gonzo and I took a picture of ourselves when we are old and saw us on infrared camera, we built a bridge and unfolded the secrets of being a rocket scientist.
I think I’ve already mentioned once that Gonzo is basically a walking thesaurus when it comes to film, but today his physics studies shone through and he came in pretty handy, making me feel like on a private tour through the museum.

We’ve spent the whole afternoon exploring the huuuge halls and I still feel like we haven’t seen at least half. The friendly attendants asked us to leave way too early, but I have a slight feeling we’ll be back soon!

I hope you’ve made an awesome discovery today as well!

XX, Angie


Un po‘ di nostalgia qua

Today is the 25th of June 2014 and I just can’ help but being a little super sentimental. Exactly one year ago I left my beloved Milano, IULM, la stanza 19, after two semesters and an early summer full of exciting new experiences and embarked for the final chapter of my big Italian adventure.
Today, one year ago, I finished my suitcases, took down the pictures above my bed and went downstairs to have my last caffè and cornetto at caffè Letterario; served by Nicola, the Sicilian barista with the piercing blue eyes and the nice culo or Domenico who was always making fun of my accent. I was the last Erasmus student to depart, same as I was the first one who arrived what seemed now a lifetime ago.


Though I usually tend to really long and tearful goodbyes, my Arrividerci for Milano was surprisingly brief – as I had to run to catch my train to Rome. (The one Italian habit I definitely adopted is always being 5 to 10 noble minutes late.) The extra slow Metro and my outstanding sprint to the Stazione Centrale still haunt my dreams, but I’ve finally made it. And only after I found my seat in the carriage and caught my breath I started to cry. Cry because I was sad to leave of course, but also because of my little heart overflowing with sheer gratefulness for all the friends and memories made – Unaware of the fact that yet another, oh-so different but still amazing tappa was going to top up my year in Italy.

That evening I arrived in Santa Marinella and joined CinemadaMare, the biggest gathering of young filmmakers. Not having yet fully recovered from leaving behind the place that means so many happy moments and knowing that even if I’ll ever return it won’t ever be the same and that it’s now all just in my our minds, I met new people, stroked beards and had conversations under the full moon.

Looking back now I have no idea how I survived that mess of feelings, but I did. And I’m grateful. I just want to thank all the people who made that year and all the summer that followed so special for me.

There’s always that one summer that changes you – whether it’s in Milano with some crazy girls from Malaga and Bask country, or on the road in Italy with the one guy who’s going to steal your heart. But that’s another story we shall hear some other day. 😉

A very sentimental

Angie, XX

Midsummer ________

Fill the gap.

a) Night

Naah, doesn’t really seem to be a thing here in London. It makes me miss Austria though; as in that night of the year, the mountains seem to be on fire there. I remember sitting in the garden, around our own small campfire, counting the lights of the bonfires on the mountain tops around us while cooking sausages on a stick and catching fire flies. Hach, sweet memories.

b) Sale

Apparently a much more desirable way to celebrate the official start of summer, according to the majority of shops here in London. And I ask for your understanding for the matter as after all the autumn and winter fashion is due in about a month. Duh!

c) Shandy

A very delicious drink indeed, composed with strawberry puree, tequila and beer, a dash of sunshine and a splash of airiness. Consumed in Barnyard, served by the most handsome bartender. Combines the perfect parts of all the midsummer madness.


midsummer Collage II

Choose wisely,
XX, Angie


I spent the last week surrounded by mountains, sunshine, the fresh smell of green grass and clear lakes, authentic Austrian language and my grandmother’s food 🙂 Finally! I haven’t been home since Christmas!

Heimaturlaub Collage

I wasn’t actually aware of how much I missed home, until I arrived there last Monday morning. Overtired after an early morning flight after a long night’s shift I arrived in Salzburg and was welcomed by all my friends and summery weather!
I spent a marvellous week at home, catching up on gossip, family stuff and bureaucracy, properly fed by my mum and grandmother, who apparently seriously doubt that it is possibly to have good food in London 😉

Hach, sche woas!

XX, Angie

Where do you think you are?

It’s been a while since I’ve been to the theatre. And I missed it a lot.

I love the mere atmosphere of a visit to the theatre; the queuing for the entrance; a dark red foyer with people chatting and waiting, anticipating the play; looking for your seats on long rows of narrow velvet chairs; the moment when the lights go out and silence falls over the auditorium, just moments before the stage lights up and takes you to another world.

1984Today Gonzo and I had a day off together and we decided to go to the theatre together. We didn’t even know what was on tonight, it’s just that the day seemed perfect and Gonzo had promised me to take me to the theatre long ago. 🙂 We spent the afternoon figuring out what to see and it was actually kind of tricky as he doesn’t like musicals in particular and I’m rather sceptical about plays I haven’t heard of read about. So we finally choose 1984 at the Playhouse. Turned out it was a really good choice!

The staging was absolutely brilliant! The storyline was framed by the added fragment of people in the future finding Winston’s diary and wondering whether it’s real or not. As spectators we perceived the actual and well know story of 1984 more or less as fragments of Winston’s memory, playing with repeated moments and sudden black-outs.

The actors were superb; especially Sam Carne giving Winston Smith doubting his sanity and place within the party in a very human and relatable way.
To my surprise I like the second half of the play better – usually I favour the first and second acts. There was no interval, but according to my perception the pace shifted when Winston and Julia’s hideout is discovered and they are taken to the ministry of love for interrogation and torture. That’s also when the scenery changed in a very impressive transformation from a neutral office/shop/canteen environment into a clean, windowless canvas, ready for the finale.
Further I want to mention the great sound design. As I mentioned already, a lot of the actions were framed into “memory” moments – and over all laid the constant sound of the telescreens as well as disturbing signals and distorted voice records, adding up to a uneasy feeling of a constant presence third view.

Ok, enough! I could go on and on, speaking of the live video projections and the use of the space on stage, but I’ll have to stop myself here, otherwise I’ll never go to bed. 🙂 But I think you get my point. 😉

We finished the evening in the proper British way and headed to the Pub for a drink, debriefing and discussion.

Thank you. And good night.

XX, Angie

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