it will all end well – but how? – it´s a miracle!

Hollaroh everybody!

After working a lot on our current project, Gonzo and me decided that it was time to go out and do stuff rather that sitting in front of the computer all the time and biting each other´s head off over creative decisions.
London – as ever, but I feel particularly now in the summer months – is full of events, exhibitions and places to go. And as the weather is finally nice and I´m full of drive to see it all, there are actually quite a few things we want to do before we leave to Italy next week, so last Tuesday we’ve started ticking things off our list.

First we went to see the Comics Unmasked exhibition at the British Library.

comics_IIGonzo is really into comics and I find it very cute to watch how excited he gets when he talks about artists, writers and story lines. I myself never really read comics, apart from Asterix & Obelix and Lucy Luke. But when Gonzo talks about the development of the stories, the background and context, space and time development and the whole comic universe it actually starts making sense to me.
The exhibition was decided into six different aspects of comics and graphic novels:

Mischief and Mayhem
To See Ourselves Politics: Power to the People
Let´s Talk About Sex
Hero with a Thousand Faces
Breakdowns: The Outer Limits of Comics

The fist two sections showed the development and history of the comics as a form of entertainment as well as an art, whereas towards the end, mainly in the last two sections, the merge of comics into a multimedia society and their transcendence of physical boundaries was displayed with the help of various video and audio projections.
The exhibition explores in a very interesting way the transition from comics being cheap means of entertainment to being strong weapons is the fight for justice. The topics of gender, class, sex and politics are very well discussed.
The exhibition design is very sleek, yet colorful. The rooms are dimly lit, drawing attention to the exhibited books, drafts, paintings and comic strips and in several corner mannequins wearing V for Vendetta masks are gathered giving you and uneasy feeling of being watched.

We’ve spent way more than the estimated 90 minutes in there and I have to say that for me it was super interesting! As I said before, I´m not much of a comic fan, but what I’ve known before from Gonzo has awakened my interest and the exhibition has definitely deepened it.

Anyway, we had to hurry a little, in order to be on time for our evening entertainment. We went to the Nöel Coward Theatre to see Shakespeare in Love!

[…to be continued…]



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