Shall I compare thee to a summer´s day…

[… continues…]

shakespeare_3_1I remember back in december my friend Sophie texted me super excited to tell me about that upcoming play and I was just like `boh, it´s gonna be in summer´ But now it´s summer! The play is based on the film from 1998 and it´s just marvelous! Keeping in mind that the actual playwright Tom Stoppard wrote the book for the film, it definitely explains how well the lines work on stage.

Although the actors were brilliant, no doubt (Tom Bateman and Lucyshakespeare_2Briggs-Owen as Will and Viola) in my opinion the production is very much carried by the stage, light and costume design. These three aspects engage completely and create a very impressive illusion of Elizabethan London on stage.

The stage design itself is a masterpiece. It looks very simple, but within seconds the scenery transforms from Will giving last instructions to his actors back stage into Queen Elisabeth awaiting a comedy in the auditorium of the Globe.
Staying true to the time period of the 15th century pipes, flutes, violins and drums provide the soundtrack for the shakespeare_1play and take the audience event further into that perfectly created picture of Tudor times and court intrigues.
And finally the costumes completed the picture. Not allowing a single modern item on stage the designer Nick Ormerod went fully into opulent gowns, corsets, breeches, tights and ruffs. Just beautiful!DSCN1866

Ok, I´ll stop here, but I hope you get my point: I liked it! For me it was just a perfect theatre experience. All coming together very nicely and giving the audience a brilliant evening.


After the show we’ve been soaring home on the wings of poetry and love. – Just to find that my computer broke and my hard drive crashed. o.O

But Oh! I forgot to mention, in the play there was a bit with a dog. 🙂

XX, Angie


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