Arrividerci Londra, Ciao Italia!

Volare ooh, cantare oooh! 🙂

Ciao a tutti! I write to you from chissà dove – somewhere in between Firenze and Napoli – sitting in a comfortable Freccia Rossa, watching green hills, vineyards, and terra-cotta coloured houses flying by the window and listening to some italian chatter from the couple sitting behind us.
Italia, finalmente.


Today early in the morning Gonzo and me left the big city noise and stress behind and boarded a plane to Pisa, where we met up with Gago and Andrea. In Pisa we’ve been greeted by hot and humid (summer!) weather, delayed busses and italian efficiency in customer service: “boh!” 😉 
But before Gonzo and me continued our journey by train, all four of us went for a walk in the center of the town and visited the one obligatory sight, the Leaning Tower. Also the stupid tourist pictures were unavoidable, but I do think we did quite well – considering the high photographer-rate of our small group, the pictures just had to be good ^^


Gonzo and me are now on the way to Napoli, and then further to Guardia Perticara – a small, little village located at the culo del mondo. According to our plans, we´ll probably arrive there tomorrow, after one night in Napoli, two more trains and a bus ride. 😛 
There we´ll be joining CinemadaMare, an amazing, traveling, international/italian film festival. I can’t wait to meet everyone, see Gonzo trying all his new gear, sleep on the inflatable mattresses and edit until two hours after deadline, because after all everyone’s a perfectionist.

I enjoy to be back in Italy, after one long, long year of abstinence. Asking in Italian for the shuttle bus we couldn’t find (because it was delayed) or simply ordering two slices of pizza al taglio – the words just taste sweet on my lips and I cant wait for breakfast tomorrow: cornetto and caffè latte. Sono felice.
Ciao a tutti. I have no idea when I´ll next be in a city big enough to provide internet, but be assured that I´ll enjoy every little minute of our adventure in Italy.

Tanti baci, Angie