How time flies…

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s been a year. Already!


Exactly one year ago I arrived in London. I was flicking through my diary and a lot of lovely memories came back to my mind. ❤

I remember the day I arrived very clearly; how Kathi and I struggled with my heavy suitcases up the stairs at Piccadilly station and the first night in our little room under the roof in Queens Park.
It seems like yesterday to me, but also very long ago. The year went by really fast – and that means that it certainly was never boring.

Living with my little sister in our girly room, a lot of Friday-dinners and lunch boxes, tea and cookies, our big 1D poster and all the stuff glued to our walls, sightseeing and musicals, visits form mum and dad and hours and hours spent on Oxford street 😉
Then Maria and Andrea arrived, and a little later Gonzo, I got the job at Byron and winter came. Going home for Christmas and New Year’s Eve on Parliament Hill, lots of rain but no snow.

When Kathi moved back to Austria, chapter two of that unpredictable journey stated. Gonzo and me moved in with Andrea and Maria into our amazing flat in Stratford. Real life kicked in, renting a whole apartment on our own I had to worry about electricity companies and bills, council tax and paying the rent on time for the fist time in my life. But we managed. We manage.
Spring, flowers, sunshine, fog, Bricklane market and pancakes. Longer days and shorter nights – on our super cozy quicksand-sofa, photo shootings and long working hours. Italy. Restart. I found an internship. Ready for the second round.

Frankly I have to say that it wasn’t always easy. There are days of rain, desperation, doubting and fear. Grey days – not always due to the weather. But there are also days of cake, good tip, letters and parcels, flowers, flat-family dinners and mornings lost between blankets. And the latter definitely form the majority. 🙂

So many things have changed, so many things are still the same.

I’m excited for what is still to come. Surprise me, London!

XX, Angie


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