Before I get into this, let me explain…

I’ll have you to know that until a couple of years ago we had exactly one Starbucks in Austria, precisely in Vienna.
I admit that the quality of Starbuck’s coffee might not be the best ever (especially if you are used to amazing Italian espresso), the cup sizes are ridiculous and so are the prices, but it just always has been a very special treat whenever I went somewhere abroad.

And still, even though being surrounded by Starbucks, Costa, Cafè Nero and Pret a Manger every day, it still has that “something special tag” attached for me.

The other day I had a little time between my internship and my job, so I treated myself to a Pumpkin Spice Latte. I’ve been walking past that advertisement for weeks!

Well, it’s super sweet and doesn’t really taste like pumpkin – but it has a nice autumn-y taste; cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. And it goes good with a book and afternoon sun. 🙂

Of course I took a picture. And I made it look extra cheesy. After all it’s Starbucks.

XX, Angie


Rockstar meet & greet

Last sunday after work we all met in this small but very cool live music club in Soho, in order to see the concert of a friend of ours. We arrived there one after another, each one according to the time ‘our’ restaurant closes. Unfortunately we all missed the gig of André, as it got rescheduled and they played earlier. 😛
But anyways, James and I were the first ones to arrive and we managed to see the end of an amazing Glam Rock gig. It was just fabulous! The songs were great and the guys were dressed in colourful leggins, fake leather and studs and one could tell the unreasonable amount of hairspray holding their hairdo despite heavy head banging 😉
Like with a real rock star, we only had a short meet and greet with André as he and his band were already departing to the next stop of their tour that night. Well, at least it gave us kind of an important feeling ^^

After everybody finally arrived we moved on to some Chinese midnight-dinner with some dodgy chicken and soy – but the company was lovely and compensated all the wrong menu choices!
On the way to the bus stop we later got distracted by an amusement arcade and worked off all the spring-roll-calories at the dance machines! I beat Maria at air hockey, but who’d have thought that James has the better dance moves?? 😀

We finished our excursion with a walk on deserted Oxford street. It’s almost magical at night with almost nobody around, all the windows lit and the christmas lights already on.
It was a really fabulous night out!








The low quality of the pictures demonstrates the greatness of the night 😉

XX, Angie

Just don’t bore them!

Last week Gonzo took me to the Westfield Shopping centre for a belated birthday present. He was buying me my very first pair of Levi’s Jeans! *.*

We spent a very long time in the shop and drove the shop assistants crazy but in the end I chose a pair of beautiful dark blue denim jeans.
When I wear them I feel somewhere between cool and cowboy – I guess that’s the Levis feeling 😉

Thanks Gonzo!


And thanks Andrea for that gorgeous advertisement picture!

XX, Angie

Sternschnuppe in London

Recently I missed my little sister a lot. Autumn in London made me feel quite nostalgic about our time in Queens Park and also I’d desperately need her help to update my wardrobe to the latest fashion standards 😉
After all the last time I saw her was in June when I went to Austria for my cousin’s wedding – but last weekend Kathi and her boyfriend Max payed me a blitz-visit: they arrived on Saturday afternoon and left on Monday at 3am – so technically we speak 36 hours London here!

I think we squeezed even the last possible bit out of that 36 hours and Max (who’s never been to London before) event got to see as many as 20 sights, including the Big Ben!kathi max Collage

The two of them started the tour on Saturday with a visit to the M&Ms world and to Byron – on other words: me 😉
Sunday started off a little star-crossed, with the flat next to ours having a flooding and thus the water being switched off in the whole building…
But nevertheless we set out to Soho where we had a lovely breakfast at Gail’s. Kathi and Max then went to see the Bond in Motion exhibition (which is truly amazing) and I went to work only to find out that I had a day off actually! 😀 So after Kathi and Max finished at the museum, I joined them again for a tour from Leicester to Trafalgar Square and by double-decker further to Westminster Abby and the Big Ben.
We spent afternoon at Spittalfield’s flea market and rummaging trough Blicklane’s vintage market, where Max found an iconic old Barbour Jacket which he wore with proud for the rest of the evening.
It was such a beautiful and sunny day! We really enjoyed our walk, carried by the music of the many buskers around the city.

Back home Andrea got inspired by all the colourful tattoos of Max and without any further ado started a foto shoot of my beautiful sister and her handsome boyfriend. Honestly guys, the two of them are super photogenic and each picture looks like a jeans advertisement!
To top their lovely visit, Andrea then cooked dinner for everybody: tagliatelle con vongole, and it tasted like summer!

Sadly Kathi and Max couldn’t stay any longer, and left early in the morning on Sunday. But I just want to say that I enjoyed every minute I could spend with them and it was soo good to see my Stellina again!


Cards, Cookies, M&Ms and Opera

I’m always looking forward to my birthday, it means cake, presents and usually beautiful autumn weather. I don’t remember any of my birthdays that wasn’t a beautiful sunny and orange autumn day – well, here in London I had to settle for a non-rainy day to make it count 😉
This year my birthday was announcing itself already for a whole week ahead, as postcards and letters from Austria and the rest of the world kept arriving ❤ I saved them all and in the end I had a whole colourful stack that I opened with delight on the morning of my actual birthday. Thank you everyone for thinking of me and making me feel so special!

And if I think about it clearly, the whole last week had been a birthday week! It already started on Monday with Juanma treating me to hot chocolate and cake (to get rid of the pounds he no longer has use for!!)
On Tuesday (my birthday) I was off the whole day and spent a lovely morning at home, baking myself some super amazing rainbow-M&Ms-birthday-cookies and reading all my letters, cards and messages.
In the evening Gonzo took me to the English National Opera to see Otello and it was just so fancy! He picked me up at home, where we both got ready in our fancy outfits and we went to Leicester Square, where we had italian street food dinner.
It was the first time I went to the opera in what feel like ages! I used to go to La Scala quite a lot when I was in Milan, but here in London I didn’t go a single time ever since I arrived more than a year ago! So Gonzo taking me was really special for me and it made me really happy.
The staging was great and I just enjoy the whole evening! The only thing I was sad about is that they translated the libretto to english…

Back home, Maria and Andrea were awaiting me with some more cards and presented me an enormous cookbook for sweets and pastries; and when Maria’s mum came to visit the day after, she brought a Lithuanian cake for me.
And it isn’t over yet: from a visit to the M&Ms world, Maria and her mum brought me special “happy birthday angie” M&Ms yesterday! OMG, they are simply amazing!!! 🙂

What a great week 🙂 ❤

birthday Collage

Ok, so I’m 25 now – not a big deal right?

I just wonder if I should feel somehow grown-up by now… because if yes, I definitely did something wrong 😛

XX, Angie

Life is like a box of chocolates…

After being bed-bound for a whole week with a nasty flu, I was super bored of dull morning TV and lying around.
Gonzo did his best to make me feel good and took very good care of me. Apart from the fever, the aches and the cough, I actually quite enjoyed staying home and watching movies with Gonzo the whole day. 😛

But on Friday he finally got me off the sofa and into life again.

We went to the National Gallery where we had our share of art and saw some Rubens, Monet and Van Gogh. My favorite was definitely the Waterlillies from Monet. I’ve seen this painting so many times reprinted, and it was very impressive to see the actual real artwork. Even though we’ve spent a couple of hours wandering through the big and impressive halls, we were nowhere near seeing everything. It’s just too big! 🙂

Hunger finally drove us out of the museum and we walked up to Leicester Square where we had a lovely dinner at BubbaGump – the restaurant of Forrest Gump! 🙂
I remember that I saw a BubbaGump in San Francisco a couple of years ago, and I found it a very cool idea to create a restaurant out of a movie, but I didn’t know it was a restaurant chain. So I was very excited to try it when I saw it here in London. And guys, we ate a lot of shrimp! But it was fun!


bubba I


Such a nice day and so good to feel alive again, and not like a flu-zombie 😛

And remember: Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get!

XX, Angie

anniversaries all around

A lot of anniversaries happen recently.
Places, countries, love, and people related anniversaries.

For me anniversaries mark memorable moments; days and events I happily remember because something good happened. It seems to me that a lot of things happen in autumn. New things tend to start in autumn, it’s the season of new beginnings… kinda. I think it’s because of the inspiring colours the leaves take on… 🙂

Today arrived (with one month delay) one of the most romantic letters I ever received. It was sent to me with much love from Malaga, reminding me of the second anniversary of the day I met one of the most inspiring, generous and simply amazing people I have ever met.

anniversary card


Thanks for reminding me, hun.

To the moon and back,