Life is like a box of chocolates…

After being bed-bound for a whole week with a nasty flu, I was super bored of dull morning TV and lying around.
Gonzo did his best to make me feel good and took very good care of me. Apart from the fever, the aches and the cough, I actually quite enjoyed staying home and watching movies with Gonzo the whole day. 😛

But on Friday he finally got me off the sofa and into life again.

We went to the National Gallery where we had our share of art and saw some Rubens, Monet and Van Gogh. My favorite was definitely the Waterlillies from Monet. I’ve seen this painting so many times reprinted, and it was very impressive to see the actual real artwork. Even though we’ve spent a couple of hours wandering through the big and impressive halls, we were nowhere near seeing everything. It’s just too big! 🙂

Hunger finally drove us out of the museum and we walked up to Leicester Square where we had a lovely dinner at BubbaGump – the restaurant of Forrest Gump! 🙂
I remember that I saw a BubbaGump in San Francisco a couple of years ago, and I found it a very cool idea to create a restaurant out of a movie, but I didn’t know it was a restaurant chain. So I was very excited to try it when I saw it here in London. And guys, we ate a lot of shrimp! But it was fun!


bubba I


Such a nice day and so good to feel alive again, and not like a flu-zombie 😛

And remember: Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get!

XX, Angie


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