Cards, Cookies, M&Ms and Opera

I’m always looking forward to my birthday, it means cake, presents and usually beautiful autumn weather. I don’t remember any of my birthdays that wasn’t a beautiful sunny and orange autumn day – well, here in London I had to settle for a non-rainy day to make it count 😉
This year my birthday was announcing itself already for a whole week ahead, as postcards and letters from Austria and the rest of the world kept arriving ❤ I saved them all and in the end I had a whole colourful stack that I opened with delight on the morning of my actual birthday. Thank you everyone for thinking of me and making me feel so special!

And if I think about it clearly, the whole last week had been a birthday week! It already started on Monday with Juanma treating me to hot chocolate and cake (to get rid of the pounds he no longer has use for!!)
On Tuesday (my birthday) I was off the whole day and spent a lovely morning at home, baking myself some super amazing rainbow-M&Ms-birthday-cookies and reading all my letters, cards and messages.
In the evening Gonzo took me to the English National Opera to see Otello and it was just so fancy! He picked me up at home, where we both got ready in our fancy outfits and we went to Leicester Square, where we had italian street food dinner.
It was the first time I went to the opera in what feel like ages! I used to go to La Scala quite a lot when I was in Milan, but here in London I didn’t go a single time ever since I arrived more than a year ago! So Gonzo taking me was really special for me and it made me really happy.
The staging was great and I just enjoy the whole evening! The only thing I was sad about is that they translated the libretto to english…

Back home, Maria and Andrea were awaiting me with some more cards and presented me an enormous cookbook for sweets and pastries; and when Maria’s mum came to visit the day after, she brought a Lithuanian cake for me.
And it isn’t over yet: from a visit to the M&Ms world, Maria and her mum brought me special “happy birthday angie” M&Ms yesterday! OMG, they are simply amazing!!! 🙂

What a great week 🙂 ❤

birthday Collage

Ok, so I’m 25 now – not a big deal right?

I just wonder if I should feel somehow grown-up by now… because if yes, I definitely did something wrong 😛

XX, Angie


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