Sternschnuppe in London

Recently I missed my little sister a lot. Autumn in London made me feel quite nostalgic about our time in Queens Park and also I’d desperately need her help to update my wardrobe to the latest fashion standards 😉
After all the last time I saw her was in June when I went to Austria for my cousin’s wedding – but last weekend Kathi and her boyfriend Max payed me a blitz-visit: they arrived on Saturday afternoon and left on Monday at 3am – so technically we speak 36 hours London here!

I think we squeezed even the last possible bit out of that 36 hours and Max (who’s never been to London before) event got to see as many as 20 sights, including the Big Ben!kathi max Collage

The two of them started the tour on Saturday with a visit to the M&Ms world and to Byron – on other words: me 😉
Sunday started off a little star-crossed, with the flat next to ours having a flooding and thus the water being switched off in the whole building…
But nevertheless we set out to Soho where we had a lovely breakfast at Gail’s. Kathi and Max then went to see the Bond in Motion exhibition (which is truly amazing) and I went to work only to find out that I had a day off actually! 😀 So after Kathi and Max finished at the museum, I joined them again for a tour from Leicester to Trafalgar Square and by double-decker further to Westminster Abby and the Big Ben.
We spent afternoon at Spittalfield’s flea market and rummaging trough Blicklane’s vintage market, where Max found an iconic old Barbour Jacket which he wore with proud for the rest of the evening.
It was such a beautiful and sunny day! We really enjoyed our walk, carried by the music of the many buskers around the city.

Back home Andrea got inspired by all the colourful tattoos of Max and without any further ado started a foto shoot of my beautiful sister and her handsome boyfriend. Honestly guys, the two of them are super photogenic and each picture looks like a jeans advertisement!
To top their lovely visit, Andrea then cooked dinner for everybody: tagliatelle con vongole, and it tasted like summer!

Sadly Kathi and Max couldn’t stay any longer, and left early in the morning on Sunday. But I just want to say that I enjoyed every minute I could spend with them and it was soo good to see my Stellina again!



One thought on “Sternschnuppe in London

  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh… last year I’ve been with you and Kathi in London at this time!!! I remember every precious moment!!!
    Miss you!!!

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