Rockstar meet & greet

Last sunday after work we all met in this small but very cool live music club in Soho, in order to see the concert of a friend of ours. We arrived there one after another, each one according to the time ‘our’ restaurant closes. Unfortunately we all missed the gig of André, as it got rescheduled and they played earlier. 😛
But anyways, James and I were the first ones to arrive and we managed to see the end of an amazing Glam Rock gig. It was just fabulous! The songs were great and the guys were dressed in colourful leggins, fake leather and studs and one could tell the unreasonable amount of hairspray holding their hairdo despite heavy head banging 😉
Like with a real rock star, we only had a short meet and greet with André as he and his band were already departing to the next stop of their tour that night. Well, at least it gave us kind of an important feeling ^^

After everybody finally arrived we moved on to some Chinese midnight-dinner with some dodgy chicken and soy – but the company was lovely and compensated all the wrong menu choices!
On the way to the bus stop we later got distracted by an amusement arcade and worked off all the spring-roll-calories at the dance machines! I beat Maria at air hockey, but who’d have thought that James has the better dance moves?? 😀

We finished our excursion with a walk on deserted Oxford street. It’s almost magical at night with almost nobody around, all the windows lit and the christmas lights already on.
It was a really fabulous night out!








The low quality of the pictures demonstrates the greatness of the night 😉

XX, Angie


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