There’s no place like home

DSCN2455_IIAutumn is by far my favorite season. It’s the season of orange leaves, my birthday, cosiness and Zirbenschnaps – but not in London, where it consists basically of grey clouds and rain.
So when I went home to Austria over the last weekend I was super happy to enjoy sunshine, walking through the colourful forest , being DSCN2468with my family and seeing all my friends. My mum even organized a mad un-birthday tea party for me and my grandmother made early christmas cookies and gingerbread just so I can take it to London.


Even tough I enjoyed being home a lot, I realized that it made me feel somewhere in between delighted and depressed. Sure, it’s the place where I‘m from, the place I belong – but on the other hand at the moment I’m not really sure where I belong at all.

Guess I just have to keep looking…

This weekend at home filled my heart with sunshine and a lot of family love. Wherever I’ll end up, I’ll never could live without that.


Thanks everyone who made me have an amazing weekend!

XX, Angie



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