It’s about time…

When I left for Austria, two weeks ago, it was still autumn here in London. When I came back – bam! – it was winter! The weather didn’t change much actually, but playlists, window decorations and the design of take-away-coffee-cups did. Looks like the big department stores and shops on the high street decided that now it’s Christmas.

Well, being an innocent little girl from the mountains I can’ t really resist that temptation and I have to confess that I also start to get into that festive spirit – 6 weeks early!! :O But guess what? I enjoy it! I like Christmas. I like cookies, fairy lights, gingerbread flavoured latte, keeping an eye out for the perfect gifts for all my friends and getting cozy at home.

Yesterday Andrea was baking crostata (an amazing Italian cake) and I spontaneously decided to bake some Christmas cookies too. We had great fun dancing around the oven – only that our soundtrack wasn’t really matching the season 😉


Keep calm guys, it’s only six weeks to go.
XX, Angie


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