5 weeks to Christmas


While my flatmates receive parcels from home containing chorizo and jamón, good italian coffee and panettone, my mum sent me a massive fir twig from the big christmas tree on the main square of my hometown. Yes, my mum definitely focuses on everyday necessities! 😉 Ok, to be fair, she also sent me gingerbread, tea, baking utensils and basically a hug in a box. ❤

The fir twig came in very handy when I tried to create what should resemble an Adventkranz. Traditionally it’s a wreath (out of fir, duh!) with four big candles stuck to it. Every sunday in advent one candle is lit and it basically works like some kind of advent calendar.
But I guess it’s a very Austrian concept, as none of my flatmates could relate to it. I tried to explain, and I think they get the idea by now, but still… Anyway, I’m happy and nobody could ever reject some lovely candles – especially at this time of the year, right?

adventkranz Collage III

So, here’s my result. I’m quite proud actually!

Happy first of Advent, everybody!
XX, Angie


3 thoughts on “5 weeks to Christmas

  1. I totally understand why you are proud! I love it – looks beautiful! 🙂
    Won’t you be in Austria for some days around Christmas? …

    PS: I really would have loved seeing your face while unpacking twigs! ❤

    Nana :o)

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