All I want for winter …

… is a warm pullover!! Seriously guys, who would’ve thought that it can be that hard to find a decent, snugly and cozy hoodie??

It’s f***… err, freezing cold here in London right now. Yeah, I know: “But you are Austrian, you are supposed to be used to the cold!” – Wrong, I’m used to being cold. Doesn’t mean I’m not cold, smartass. I’m cold in the train, I’m cold in the office, I’m even cold at home! (Window insulation is another unknown thing to our dear Brits.)pullover

So today it was enough, I went to buy a warm pullover – but my search was in vain. All I found was some glittery dresses and crop tops, Christmas offers en masse, sparkling fake jewelry and more beautiful, enchanting and absolutely not-winter clothes. I think I get it now. A true Londoner simply denies the fact of cold and winter and probably frozen belly buttons and kidneys as well … Yes. No. What the hell? I don’t understand it at all and I demand hereby that seasonal clothing corresponds to the season!
Thank you.

Yours freezing,
XX, Angie

P.S: Thank you Gonzo, for letting me steal yours ❤


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