Rockin’ around the Christmas tree

christmas Collage_IIAs you all know very well, I’m kind of a christmas fanatic 🙂 I like lights, cookies and candles – and I’d looove to have a Christmas tree in our flat in London!
But you also know that I’m (sometimes) quite a reasonable girl, and I agreed that it would make no sense to buy one, considering that we’ll probably all be going home to our families over Christmas. So no tree…  until Andrea (the genius!) came up with the Italian tradition of putting up the tree already on the 8th of December!

What followed was an extensive trip to Ikea, leaving us with a lovely fake tree, sparkly ornaments and decorations, fairy lights, winter-scented candles, two folding chairs, a little jug to make the perfect milk froth for our cappuccino and some Swedish biscuits – and a lot of anticipation! 🙂

Andrea and me were looking forward to putting the tree up, just like two kids, whereas Gonzo and Maria were rather skeptical. But came the day, Maria was the most excited one and rushing us. 😉  Being from Ikea, our lovely Fejka fir had to be assembled before we could hang the lights and stars. But in the end it was just amazing – and the presents already start to accumulate beneath it! Andrea and me had chosen red and silver as the main colours and it looks beautiful!

It’s the first Christmas tree on my own – and I’m happy to share it with my London family.

XX, Angie


2 thoughts on “Rockin’ around the Christmas tree

  1. Well done, guys!!!
    I´m looking forward to share our Christnas tree with you, Angie!!! Its the largest one, we ever had! :))) And… sure… it is a poor one like every year… its stock is a little bit curved… no one exept me would have bought ist… But… it is extrmely bushy and anyway… *gg*
    ❤ Mum

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