Christmas came early in the Cotelo-Zopf-Ricca-Cornij mansion

Over the last year we observed that dinner parties seem to be a pretty big thing here in London – and yesterday we had our first dinner party! 🙂 As some of us are not going to be in London over Christmas, we decided to have our festive dinner one week early.
We spent the whole afternoon tidying up the living room, shopping for all the ingredients and preparing the food. In the evening we got all dressed up and had a truly lovely dinner!

Our international Christmas dinner was composed as follows:

  • Lithuanian starters (prawns and egg salad)
  • as Primo: Spaghetti with mussels in white wine sauce
  • the main was a (Spanish) quiche and Lithuanian salads
  • Austrian baked apples

*hmmm* 🙂

Being in London, we embraced the tradition of  Christmas crackers – leaving us with funny hats and  weird jokes we didn’t really understand. But luckily we’ve invited James and he explained them to us, as most of them were odd word-games. Here’s to the native speakers! 😉
Considering the high number of professional photographers around, can you imagine the fuss that was made about taking the obligatory “family picture” in front of the Christmas tree? Cameras were placed and tripods were mounted – and I have to admit I absolute love the outcome!
Of course we opened the many presents under our tree and  finished the evening with Austrian Punsch, gingerbread and Vanillekipferl and some funny games.


I’m very happy to have spent an amazing pre-Christmas with all of you guys, thank you! I’m very grateful to have you around!

XX, Angie


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