Yesterday I came back to London after spending 20 days at home in Austria. 20 Days! That’s almost 3 weeks! I haven’t been home this long ever since I moved to Italy two and a half years ago.

I enjoyed spending time with my parens and my little sister (who I really miss all the time!), my relatives and all my friends. I had time to relax and ‘charge my batteries’. Whenever I came home recently, I never had time to really settle down. I used to stay a couple of days, lived out of the suitcase and left again in a rush. This time though I properly arrived. I almost got used to living back home again. London felt so far away, it was kinda surreal to come back.
We spent a lovely family Christmas, mainly consisting of eating, visiting relatives, Punsch and cookies. I enjoyed my grandmother’s cooking, the smell of the Christmas tree in our living room and that childish excitement that still wraps around that time of the year for me.
On New Year’s Eve we had a homey dinner at my aunt’s and went to the terrace to see the fireworks; and on the 5th of January we went to see the Göcklerlauf, a parade that is meant to expel the bad spirits and brings a prosperous new year.
It mightn’t sound like much, but for me it means a lot, just being home and doing all this traditional stuff with my family ❤

On the 26th of December it started to snow heavily and transformed Austria in the most beautiful Winter Wonderland. You can’t imagine how happy I was! I missed the snow so much! I went skiing with my dad and my sister, we had snowball fights and lovely walks in the snow and of course we went sledge riding.

I know that my home is beautiful, and that the mountains look amazing covered in white and yes, I miss it like hell when I’m away – but at the end of the day, it’s normal to me.
Towards end of my stay Andrea came to visit for a couple of days and it was super cute to watch him being so excited by the snow. He wasn’t like me, missing the snow and then happily jumping around once it was snowing – it was the genuine excitement and awe of an Italian guy seeing snow for the 3rd time in his life. Having Andrea around, taking pictures of places that in my eyes are totally normal and not even picturesque and constantly pointing out ‘the Alps!’ really made me appreciate the beauty of my region even more.
Showing him around, pointing out the sights, having coffee in the most famous places and seeing my home with the ‘tourist eyes’ was the perfect finish for my stay in Austria and will make me miss it even more.

Thank you everyone back home, I had the most amazing, relaxing and gschmo winter holidays!

XXX, Angie

Enjoy some snapshots of beautiful Austria:



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