Excuse me, I’ll be in my castle

Hollaroh everyone! I feel like I’ve fast-forwarded to spring! Everything is green, today was a nice and sunny day aaand (as some of you might know) today I joined the auditions for the Costume Characters and Character Look-alikes for Disneyland Paris. *yay*

I know I’ve read somewhere before that Disney casts for Princesses and Princes about twice a year in Paris, Berlin, Rome and London – but it somehow slipped my mind and I only stumbled over the casting call again during the holidays. I might have got distracted while I was actually searching for some reasonable job opportunities…
Anyway, my mum rolled her eyes and told me in a serious yet pitiful voice that ‘girl, some day you’ll have to find a real job’ and my dad just laughed when I announced that i want to become a princess. I mean, seriously! Just imagine that whatever form/questionnaire/schedule you have to fill out, you just write Job: Princess. 😀

Ok, so today was the day! I got up extra early to get ready and was escorted to the Pineapple Dance Studios by my personal Prince Charming. It was funny to observe all the other girls and the few boys: some were dressed in fancy ballet outfits and some were painted in all the colours of the rainbow (although the casting call said specifically ‘refrain from wearing make-up’) and others looked just normal, wearing leggins and pullovers.
We all got handed numbers (I was 677) and were measured. Next the very happy and constantly joking Casting Manager held a short presentation about general working conditions and environment at Disneyland Paris, and asked us not to take this information out in order to ‘contain the Magic’.
The Choreographer gave a short introduction and then we were called in in groups of 10.  They played a short piece of loud and cheery music and we had to act as a cowboy, a pirate, one of the seve dwarfes, a villian, a princess and wave goodbye to the audience.


Doesn’t sound so hard actually, but I admit that I was super nervous. And yes, after that round I got cut.
Well, I’m not paticular sad as I didn’t expect much anyway. Alright, I thought I would be nice to work as a princess, but honesty I was never convinced I’d make it far. There was a seemingly high number of dancers and actors around and to be fair I have to say that some of them did a far better job than me.

Being cut came in right in time for lunch, so me and my prince saddled our noble horses and rode to Covent Garden, where we had a lovely lunch overlooking the arcades of the market.
I don’t care that the people form Disney didn’t recognized my immense talent and now I can’t dwell in a fairytale – being a princess comes from within! And now excuse me, I’ll be in my couch

yours sovereignly,

Angie, XX 🙂


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