Sundays are kind of a dilemma recently. On the one hand it’s the only day of the week when I am finally off, but on the other hand Gonzo and everyone else I live with has to work. Ergo I’m home alone.
I really like to go out and do stuff, see the city and travel – but to be honest I really don’t enjoy doing things on my own. I just believe it’s more fun, if you have someone to share walks, exhibitions, experiences and memories with.

nhm CollageAnyway, today was a absolutely lovely, bright and sunny day and as I got up, I decided to not let this day get wasted. So I went to see the Natural History Museum.
I went there in the late afternoon, thinking I‘d be particularly clever and avoid the crowd of families. Well, the plan didn’t really work out, I still had to queue for half an hour in order to get in – but it was definitely worth it!
As soon as I got in, I stood in that great entrance hall, light flooding through stained glass windows, the famous dinosaur skeleton right in the middle, welcoming the visitors.
I wandered through the immense minerals collection and The Vault, some of the most precious gemstones of the world and I went up to the third floor and had a look at the section of a 1500 year old tree. Further I walked through a forest of colourful birds, the center of earth and a Japanese supermarket destroyed by an earthquake. Finally I had a walk amongst dinosaurs and I saw an (almost) real-life T-rex.
Of course I had nowhere near enough time to see all the exhibits, but I tied to see a little bit of everything.
When the museum closed, I had a nice walk up to Knightsbridge, past brightly lit Harrods and all that fancy boutiques.

I already planned to conclude my evening with cooking some nice curry and reading a little – but I remembered just in time that today is BAFTA-day! So Maria, who came home just after me, and I ended up on the sofa watching the BAFTA ceremony life on BBC. How amazing is that?? And that’s just one of the joys of living in London! 😀
We act as our own commentator committee, judging films, acceptance speeches, dresses and performances. I write this as we watch the show and so far we laughed a lot with the opening speech of Stephen Fry, decided that the dress of Patricia Arquette is not very flattering, loved the accent of James McAvoy and found the acceptance speech from Eddie Redmayne for Best Actor utterly adorable.

I forgot to mention that we feast on chocolate cookies, as we slouch on the sofa – today’s definitely a good day!!

XX, Angie


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