So we wanted to move…

I know it’s been a while. Well, that’s mainly due to some inconvenience concerning our flat…

Basically this is what happened: we wanted to move house at the end of February and we found that amazing flat in Shadwell, which Andrea, James, Gonzo and me were going to share. Everything was just perfect. Too perfect. Because on the day before the move the agency called us up, telling us that the landlord changed his mind and we cannot move in. — Disaster. It was a truly terrible day and for a moment I honestly thought we were going to be homeless! But luckily everything turned out alright. We were super lucky and could stay another month in the flat we are in right now!

So on the one hand we were really lucky to be able to stay a little longer in our flat. But on the other hand that means that we are back into house hunting once again. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining (not really) but it’s just so tedious! I feel like we’ve seen a thousand flats and houses over the last weeks, from acceptable-but-with-a-catch to omg-why-did-we-even-bother-to-see-that??. Not to mention how time and money consuming it is to look for a nice place to stay…

Anyway, we are not homeless – and keeping in mind everything that happened and that we didn’t spent a single night sleeping under a bridge, I think we’re pretty well off!

So let me share with you guys my Top Tips for desperation-preventing and nerve-calming:

brownieSweets! After getting up early, traveling to another part of the city, talking to a slimy agent just to see a property that’s absolutely not worth it, treat yourself to some nice dolce and caffé. Andrea and me spent half an hour waiting in the rain to see that crappy apartment in Mile End – but on the way home we found that cute Italian café that definitely balanced all the effort!

Have a bath! I literally soaked in the bathtub for one hour last Friday. Candles, loads of foam and bubbles and finally some time to relax worked wonders on me! And maybe the little fact that I finally had time to use my glittery Frozen bubble bath! 🙂

A new roommate: as I said, we’ve been very luck indeed that our landlord didn’t find new tenants for our flat yet. But James actually had to move out, as his room was already rented out again. So he is crushing on our couch now, with all his stuff in the corner of our living room.
But it’s great! I mean we were meant to share a flat anyway and James is a very happy person, sharing his positive energy with us.shoesII

Shoes. That’s about it. Again: shoes.  No other words needed and I guess all female beings out there understand me. 😉
As for me I got these glamorous silver high heels. Yep, I have no Idea what I’m gonna wear them with (shhh, they are totally my style) but I’ll figure it out. I just had to have them.

So yeah, that’s about it. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, just follow my simple step-by-step tips to prevent despair and keep the spirit up.

Thank you and good night,

XX, Angie


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