Oh look, it’s sunny…

I am sick. I caught the classical it’s-finally-sunny-I-don’t-need-my-jacket-cold. I’ve been sick the whole week to be precise. And it sucks. I am sick of being sick!
I feel useless. My biggest accomplishment of the day is to move from the bed to the sofa and then back again… And yes, it’s finally sunny! The whole last week, every single day, the sun was shining, blue skies, birds chirping – as far as I could tell from the window!! 😛

At this point I can hear my mum: “patient derivates form being patient, you just have to hold out” *arrrgh* but it’s so booooring!

Well, but being sick has positive sides as well: getting up late and wasting a whole day watching movies without that nasty feeling of guilt; getting away with not showering all day (the sofa’s not gonna complain if I stink); peanut butter and Nutella galore because let’s face it, if you are sick you can eat whatever you want and my lovely flatmates constantly asking if I’d like another cup of tea.

Ok, so being sick might have some nice aspects. But it’s definitely more nasty than nice. I mean for instance, yesterday I cooked my own chicken broth. Right, here we go! How do you know you’re grown up? That’s how you know: You cook your own chicken soup when you are sick. For yourself. How sad is that? Ergo: being a grown-up sucks and being a very un-funny activity, it has to be avoided at all costs. In my ranking of painful moments of realising reality this comes right along with knowing I’ll never see The Beatles play live, global warming and the agony of being 25 and trying to figure out what to do in life.

krank Collage_IIBut Andrea tasted it and based on my soup cooking skills officially declared me ready to be a grandmother. So I guess that’s nice 🙂

And with my very nourishing and delicious soup I watched the ultimate being-sick-movie, a story with fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love and miracles: The Princess Bride. Perfect!

I hope I get better soon!

XX, Angie


4 thoughts on “Oh look, it’s sunny…

  1. Damn… I wish I could be sick with you, so we could see The Princess Bride together. Get better, hun! Miss you to the moon and back ❤

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